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Cain Velasquez would love to fight Jon Jones: ‘I think I could beat him, yeah’

Cain Velasquez

After a prolonged absence to heal up his body and enjoy the arrival of his latest child, Cain Velasquez is back to terrorize the heavyweight division. Unfortunately, things have changed a little since he’s been gone. His close friend and training partner Daniel Cormier holds the belt, leaving Cain with a limit on how high he can climb in the division.

What’s a dominator like Velasquez to do when he can’t reclaim his heavyweight throne? Maybe take on Jon Jones. That was TMZ Sports’ suggestion when they caught up with Cain on the streets of Phoenix. He’s in the main event of UFC on ESPN 1 this Sunday, taking on Francis Ngannou. When asked if he thought he could take out GOAT contender Jones, Velasquez nodded.

”I think I could,” he said. “I think I’m good enough. Jon Jones is an amazing athlete. I’ve watched him in all his fights, I know what he’s capable of. Again, every guy poses a great challenge, I think he does as well. I think I could beat him, yeah.”

“That’s why I’m in this sport, to fight the best guys, to be the best out there. So to me, it’s just go out there, perform, and win. Just take on the best guys.”

Jon Jones is another fight that may not happen because his bud Daniel Cormier has dibs. While Cormier originally sounded somewhat hesitant about a potential third fight with Jones (he’s 0-2 in reality and 0-1-1 according to commissions), recent interviews have “DC” including Jones on his to-do list before retirement.

Cormier also has the advantage of being able to make it down to light heavyweight, which seems like the place you have to go if you want to fight Jon Jones. For all his hypothetical willingness to someday move up, Jones slows that roll any time a heavyweight opponent not named Brock Lesnar comes up. He’s said Daniel Cormier would have to come back to 205 if he wants to fight. And if his UFC 235 fight against Anthony Smith pulls in good numbers, there’s no reason for “Bones” to make things harder for himself by challenging Velasquez.

But it’s certainly a fun dream fight to handicap. Especially after we see how Cain Velasquez is looking against heavy hitter Francis Ngannou.

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