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Midnight Mania! Joe Rogan marvels at a little girl destroying a tree

Bringing you the weird and wild from the world of MMA each and every weeknight

UFC 200 - Weigh-in Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Joe Rogan posts the best of the internet sometimes, whether it be a feat of strength, a strange science story, a combat sports highlight, a tattoo someone got of him, or a picture of himself looking really intense after a workout. Recently, he found this one of a little girl just destroying a tree, evidently because she can.

Whoever set this up knew what would look impressive, but I guarantee if I tried this, I would get a speck of sawdust in my eye halfway through and have to stop the video for half an hour while I flushed it out.


Is Chris Weidman angling for a third bout with Anderson Silva?

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Kelvin Gastelum tried to downplay trying to fight with a staph infection

This was just awesome from Donald Cerrone

I wonder how this translated to Pay-Per-View buys after the injury to Robert Whittaker

Paulo Costa was not impressed with Israel Adesanya, and yeah, that seems like a great matchup to make down the line

McGregor had a lot to say about UFC 234

He wasn’t wrong about that...

McGregor’s plans are evidently still fluid

Nick Diaz just wants to party, though

This turned out to be a pretty spot-on analogy for one of the coolest ninja fights we’ve ever seen.

Both guys were trying unusual, arcane techniques in the cage, from Silva’s spinning heel kicks to the calf to Adesanya’s question mark kicks

Mixed martial arts in other cultures is just... different.

This doesn’t seem like it would get enforced all that strictly, but also seems like it’s good regulation to have on the books.

Ray Borg really seems like a decent human being

Anything above three plates is work to me so this is damn near superhuman

This is just as impressive in it’s own way

Let Nick Diaz party in peace, he’s already given us some of the most memorable fights of all time.

While we are on unusual submissions...

Sleep well, Maniacs! A better tomorrow is always possible. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook @Vorpality

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