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Video: Khabib Nurmagomedov shows off some deadly firing range skills

RT Sports - Twitter

In case you didn’t already know how Khabib Nurmagomedov was one bad dude, here’s more video evidence to prove it.

RT Sport shared footage of the UFC lightweight champion showing off his handgun shooting skills at a firing range, and while we don’t get to see the end results on the target, I’m sure his smooth movement and reload skills will be enough to get the approval of MMA Mania’s gun enthusiast contingent.

The video was filmed in Jordan, where Khabib enjoyed the company of Crown Prince Hussein, the heir to King Abdullah II.

Not one to stay still, Khabib also visited Jerusalem and is apparently in Morocco now. His very busy travel schedule is in stark contrast to his fighting schedule, which has ground to a halt since he started a brawl after defeating Conor McGregor back in October of 2018.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission handed down a nine month suspension to the Dagestani fighter which could have been knocked down to six if he recorded a bullying PSA. But that itself seemed like bullying to Khabib, who declared he’d sit out an entire year in solidarity with his other suspended teammates. According to his manger, he plans to return in November.

That’s obviously not making Dana White happy, and after UFC 234 the UFC president hung an unspoken threat of an interim title or even stripping Khabib, saying “Guys can’t sit out and wait that long if they have the title, you can’t do it.”

Unfortunately for the UFC, Khabib now has the leverage of being a bona fide international superstar. If he wants to take a year off to enjoy that, we have no doubts he will. The opportunity to make money will still be there in August 2019, regardless of his belt’s status. That may be a bummer for all us fans that want to see “The Eagle” back in the cage soon, but it seems to be the new reality whenever fighters finally earn that big paycheck and no longer have to run on the UFC’s aggressive schedule.

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