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Watch Donald Cerrone drink a Shoey from his cowboy boot at UFC 234

The UFC was back in Australia this past weekend and you know what that means: it’s time for another shoey round-up!

The Shoey.


A disgusting Australian tradition that has hit the MMA world like an atom bomb now that the UFC is doing events down under regularly. Once purely the domain of rising heavyweight star Tai Tuivasa, more and more fighters and personalities can be seen downing shoeys in the bleachers at events. At UFC 234, that included Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone.

Hey, Cerrone is crazy enough to nearly get himself killed on a regular basis. He was willing to put a potential money fight with Conor McGregor at risk to take on Kelvin Gastelum last minute. So what’s a bit of toe jam in your beer to a man like that? We can only hope he goes through boots like he does hats, and this was a relatively non-funky brew.

Not to be outdone, trendsetter Tai Tuivasa pops out of the crowd a moment later to grab Donald’s boot and do his own shoey. A gooey cowboy shoey with Cerrone’s booty.

Just like MMA, there are levels to this game. According to Tuivasa, we’re seeing a 10-ply soft version of the shoey.

”Usually you get someone to spit in it, everybody spits in it and then you obviously skull it,” he said back at UFC 221. “So ... welcome to Australia. Usually you get somebody’s work boot, that was a pretty new shoe, so that was all right. That was easy.”

Tuivasa implied he’s even taken shoeys to a Machida level of gross, adding urine to the mix.

But to all those out there saying this is gross and degenerate, we’d like to point out even future champion Israel Adesanya has done a shoey.

Just don’t let your mum catch you in the act.

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