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Midnight Mania! Woodley and Usman get into heated exchange: ‘You better not come in 30%’

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Kamaru Usman and welterweight champion Tyron Woodley got into a heated exchange at today’s press conference. Transcript via

“You better not come in 30 percent,” Woodley told an already fired-up Usman after an exchange between the Nigerian challenger and Woodley’s coach Ben Askren, who also was on the dais for his fight against Robbie Lawler. “They’re going to need an ambulance.”

“Oh, it’s all good, playboy. I ain’t bringing 30 percent for you,” Usman shot back. “Hey, you know what I always say, man? I have the biggest shovel out here. When it comes down to digging, can’t nobody dig as hard as I can dig. So you know what, T-Wood? I want you to bring your best game. Best your best game.”

“Who have you dug against? Who have you fought?” Woodley replied.

“It doesn’t matter,” said Usman.

“It does matter. You can’t use your shovel in water. What have you done?” Woodley answered.

Usman has leaned heavily on his wrestling in the past, but he did show improved striking against Rafael Dos Anjos, really letting his hands go. Usman is less than impressed with Woodley’s repertoire on the feet.

“Listen, anybody can put their head down and throw a haymaker and pray and hope it lands,” Usman said. “Easy. That’s all you is, that right hand, that right hand.”

“I’m top-three for the most knockdowns in welterweight history, and I think I have the fastest KO, flat-out,” Woodley responded. “How many people have you knocked out in your career?”

“Same as you, six,” said Usman.

“No, don’t fool yourself, brother,” answered Woodley. “How many people’s consciousness have you stolen? You’ve stolen none. Nice try. Bruh, I’m your mentor. You’re talking back to your mentor right now.”

“Hey, it don’t matter,” Usman replied. “You could feel like a big brother all you want, but at some point big brothers gotta get their ass whooped too. ... March 2nd, we’re going to see. When you hear ‘and new,’ you’re going to feel real special when you’re walking backstage.”

“You don’t even believe that yourself,” Woodley shot back. “You want to be so cool. You want to sound like LL Cool J. You don’t even believe it yourself.”

Woodley closed strongly, claiming to be better in every area than Usman.

“What you going to do better than me?” Woodley asked. “You going to out-wrestle me? If we get in the Octagon and I can throw no punches, no knees, no takedowns, no submissions, I would kick your ass in just wrestling, flat-out. When it comes down to striking, I would knock you out, flat-out. When it comes down to grappling, I would break your arm, flat-out. There’s nothing you can beat me in.

“I’m faster than you, I’m stronger than you, and I promise you that if you come at less than 100 percent, you will reconsider fighting every day of your life.”


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