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Daughters of late Glenn Robinson slam Colby Covington for mocking their father’s death

UFC Fight Night: Kim v Covington Photo by Brandon Magnus/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight veteran, Colby Covington, is a talented fighter and the rightful No. 1 title contender. He’s also a Grade-A douchebag who doesn’t have the maturity to understand that pointing and laughing is not the same as developing a humorous point of view.

That’s how we end up with (cough) “jokes” like this.

Whether or not Covington goes too far is generally a matter of taste; however, he’s now getting some blowback from the daughters of the late Glenn Robinson, after “Chaos” mocked the Blackzilians co-founder in an effort to promote his UFC 245 title fight.

“I know you gave Glenn a heart attack from all those years you were ducking me,” Covington recently told UFC welterweight champion, Kamaru Usman. “So, don’t worry, he’ll be watching from hell on Dec. 14.”

MMA Junkie has their response:

“The death of our father is still very raw. Our family is still grieving from his loss, so imagine the hurt we felt to hear such hateful words recklessly said about our father.”

“We understand the excitement of building up hype before a fight, but we are sure Colby Covington can get press for his upcoming fight on his own merit and without spewing hateful words towards our father, the founder of the Blackzilians. In fact, our father was the exact opposite of a hateful person. He gave countless opportunities to many people, both personally and professionally. He consistently put everyone else’s best interests before his own. Our father died too young, but we can proudly say he accomplished more during his short life than many others do in a full lifetime.”

Read their full statement here.

Robinson and his Blackzilians team were part of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 21, featuring the rise of Usman, as they battled the American Top Team (ATT) squad under Dan Lambert. As luck would have it, Covington has been a fixture at ATT for several years.

Usman will defend his title against “Chaos” in less than two weeks (details here).

I don’t think Covington will address this, even if he wanted to, as that would mean breaking character. And judging by some of the other comments he’s made (like this), it doesn’t sound like he’s too worried about job security.

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