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PFL 10 results: Live streaming play-by-play updates

Kayla Harrison PFL Professional Fighters League
Kayla Harrison
Ryan Loco/PFL

Professional Fighters League (PFL) brings you its tenth and last event of the season TONIGHT (Tues., Dec. 31, 2019) from Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Six championships are on the line with a $1 million prize awarded to the victorious finalist along with a championship belt.

PFL 10’s main card will start at 7 p.m. ET on ESPN 2. will deliver results and play-by-play for the televised PFL card.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment about the bouts and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it’s always a lot of fun!


Kayla Harrison vs. Larissa PachecoHarrison UD 50-43, 50-45 X2.
David Michaud vs. Ray Cooper IIICooper TKO 2:56 R2.
Ali Isaev vs. Jared RosholtIsaev TKO 4:09 R4.
Natan Schulte vs. Loik RadzhabovSchulte UD 49-44, 49-46, 48-47.
Lance Palmer vs. Alex GilpinPalmer UD 50-43, 50-44 X2.
Emiliano Sordi vs. Jordan JohnsonSordi TKO 2:01 R1.


Kayla Harrison vs. Larissa Pacheco

This fight is for the women’s Lightweight title. Harrison is perfect (6-0) in her MMA career and her opponent Pacheco is 13-3 and comes in on a two-fight win streak looking for revenge in a rematch. Pacheco sports the silver trunks, black top and blue gloves. Harrison is all red everything head to toe. Pacheco fights out Belem, Brazil. Harrison fights out of Middletown, Ohio. The referee for our main event is Mike Beltran.

Round 1: Harrison has Pacheco backpedaling early, firing off leg kicks. Pacheco bounces on her feet and looks to connect with the right hand. We had an accidental clash of head but no ref stoppage. Harrison catches a kick and pushes Pacheco to the fence. Knees from Harrison. Inside trip takedown and Harrison is on top in closed guard. She postures up for some right hands then looks to pass to the side. Pacheco tries to keep it chest to chest but Harrison completes the pass at 2:30. Her corner is yelling out “knee on belly, yes yes yes.” Pacheco traps the right leg again. Harrison blasts away with right hands and unanswered lefts to the face. Side control again at 3:30. She spins and nearly takes the back but ends up back on top in half. Full mount at 4:36. Harrison pours it on late but Pacheco scrambles to stand up before the bell. Dominant 10-9 for Harrison.

Round 2: Front kick for Pacheco. Head kick for Harrison followed by a clean hard double leg straight to side control. Pacheco gets the half guard but Harrison is working to pull her right leg through and get either side control again or another full mount. It’s the latter and she has plenty of time to work with over three minutes left. The ground and pound almost led to an armbar but Pacheco scrambled to avoid it. Harrison drags her back down and looks to take her back. Right hands to the head from behind. Both hooks are in at 3:19. She transitions from there to a full mount. Pacheco recovers to half guard. This time the left leg is trapped by Pacheco but not for long — full mount at 4:03. She postures up again for the ground and pound. That was so one-sided I feel no choice but to call it a 10-8.

Round 3: Pacheco is momentarily able to block Harrison’s takedown and even land a knee as Harrison is coming back up. It’s a stalemate against the fence at the minute mark. Ultimately it’s for naught as Harrison takes her down at 1:33 and all Pacheco can do is close her guard. Harrison backs up at 2:30 and comes down over the top just barely missing cleaning Pacheco’s clock. She passes to half guard from there as Pacheco’s corner tries in vain to stop her from getting it. Harrison stands up to throw two big left hands, voluntarily going back to full guard. Right to the body from Harrison. Pacheco kicks her away at 4:25 and Harrison won’t get close enough for an upkick to land. She picks her spot and crushes the space to close out a 10-9 third.

Round 4: Harrison and Pacheco feel each other out on the feet for the first 75 seconds. Pacheco lands right and Harrison lands lefts. Harrison circles around and finally shoots with authority for the double leg at 1:41. “That was picture perfect” quips Randy Couture. Pacheco tries and fails to trap an arm from underneath. Multiple left hands to the head from on top. She takes the back and delivers even more. One hook in. Pacheco turns to get her back to the mat so Harrison can’t get the second. Side control with 90 seconds left. The armbar could be coming. Pacheco gets her back to full guard to block it. Harrison stands up with 25 seconds left and Pacheco tries to sweep with a kick from the bottom. She tried. It didn’t work but she tried. 10-9 Harrison.

Round 5: Harrison has landed over 100 total strikes through this point in the fight and Pacheco only 10. This fight could be even more lopsided with the judges than I think. Pacheco is trying to change her fortunes with forward pressure. Harrison calmly circles and waits for her opening. Pacheco blocks the first takedown attempt and fires a hard combo. Clash of leg kicks. Pacheco goes for a front choke when Harrison shoots again. Harrison blocks it and pushes Pacheco into the fence. Harrison throws a high kick on the break. Harrison with a left hand. Harrison with a hip toss taking Pacheco down at 3:24. Side control. She gives it up for half guard. Time is not on Pacheco’s side. Full mount with 40 seconds to go. Harrison tries and fails to isolate an arm but takes the back for a full mount. 10-9 Harrison. She’ll go 7-0 and collect a million dollars and a title in mere moments.

Final result: Kayla Harrison by unanimous decision of 50-43 and 50-45 X2.

David Michaud vs. Ray Cooper III

This is for PFL’s Welterweight title. Michaud is 18-5 and brings in a three-fight win streak. Cooper is 19-7-1 and undefeated in his last two bouts. Blue gloves for Cooper with silver trunks. Red gloves for Michaud with blue trunks. Cooper fights out of Pearl City, Hawaii. Michaud fights out of Phoenix, Arizona. The referee is Keith Peterson.

Round 1: Michaud tries a flying knee and Cooper tries a left hand as he’s in the air — neither quite hit the mark. Cooper pushes him into the fence with a body lock and drops levels. Michaud widens his stance and controls the arms. Cooper changes tactics and goes for a leg sweep. Michaud stays upright. Michaud locks his hands behind Cooper’s waist. Cooper finally gets the takedown at 1:53 and eats a big right hand. Couture thinks he may have been injured before he hit the ground — possibly rolling his ankle. Cooper stands over him throwing his hands and looking to pass. Michaud tries to push off the cage with his feet but Cooper keeps control. 10-9 Cooper.

Round 2: Couture looks at the replay and judges it was a liver kick that had Michaud hurt. Henry Cejudo joins the commentary as Michaud lunges and misses with a right hand and Cooper fails to get a single leg on it. Michaud makes him pay for the attempt with big knees and right hands. Cooper tries to go for a single leg again while he’s woozy and can’t get it. He recovers and locks his hands around Michaud’s waist for a takedown. Michaud gets back to his feet quickly with Cooper riding his back and dropping for a single leg. He gets it and takes the back but Michaud gets right up again. Knees are traded. Cooper hurts him with another liver shot with a left hand and gets the ground and pound stoppage.

Final result: Ray Cooper III via technical knockout at 2:56 in round two.

Ali Isaev vs. Jared Rosholt

The Heavyweight belt and the cash prize are both on the line here. Isayev is unblemished (8-0) as a professional. The journeyman Rosholt is 20-7 after stints in UFC, WSOF and PFL and brings a three-fight win streak to the bout. Blue gloves and silver trunks for Rosholt. Red gloves and light blue trunks for Isaev. Rosholt fights out of Sandpoint, Idaho. Isaev fights out of Dagestan, Russia. The referee in charge is Dan Miragliotta.

Round 1: Rosholt opens the fight with a leg kick, followed by a second. Isaev throws a spinning wheel kick. Isaev goes for a takedown and gets it with side control. Rosholt spins his way free at 1:29. Isaev shoots again and has side control again, but Rosholt again works his way back to his feet. Knee to the body from Rosholt before he turns Isaev around. Rosholt backs away and then lets Isaev chase after him. Spinning body kick from Isaev. One minute left. Kicks are traded. Isaev shoots again and Rosholt tries to get a guillotine out of it with short time left. Isaev survives. I think Isaev takes it 10-9 in a close round.

Round 2: Isaev provides the forward pressure, eats some leg kicks, throws Rosholt to the ground and almost gives an illegal spin kick to the head of a grounded opponent. Rosholt gets back up, Isaev throws him down with authority and starts pouring on left hands with a mounted crucifix. Rosholt tries to sit up to slow him down and Isaev voluntarily lets the arm go and moves to half guard. When Rosholt sits up Isaev puts an arm to his throat and pushes his head and body back down. Isaev just controls Rosholt and metriculates damage for the rest of the round. 10-9 Isaev.

Round 3: Spinning head kick for Isaev starts this round. Rosholt starts to fire back with his hands. Isaev shoots the double in response and has side control at 40 seconds. Rosholt is able to get back up at 1:45 and shoot for a takedown of his own, but Isaev grabs a headlock in response to block it. We stay in the clinch with Rosholt and Isaev trading short shots to the body and Isaev firing off knees. Isaev turns Rosholt around with 1:14 remaining and Miragliotta unsatisfied with that alone, resetting them to the center of the cage. Isaev’s takedown is blocked. His right hand is not. Rosholt pushes him into the fence. Given the cage control Rosholt has the argument for a 10-9 this round.

Round 4: Wheel kick to the chin connects for Isaev at the start. Rosholt comes forward with body shots and uppercuts. Rosholt keeps Isaev pressed against the cage until 1:36. Right uppercut for Rosholt. Clinch work and body shots. Knees both ways. Rosholt keeps Isaev against the cage until 2:37. Isaev turns him around gets the takedown seven seconds later. Left hands land for Isaev from the half guard. Hammerfists and elbows follow. Rosholt gets him back to full guard with a minute left but a hard left hand hurt Rosholt and he’s in trouble as he’s not answering back to the follow up strikes. Miragliotta stops it at 4:09.

Final result: Ali Isaev wins via technical knockout at 4:09 of round four.

Natan Schulte vs. Loik Radzhabov

This is for the men’s Lightweight title. Schulte is 19-3-1 and hasn’t lost in nine straight fights dating back to 2017. Radzhabov is 13-1-1 and unbeaten in his last three bouts. Red gloves and red trunks for Schulte fighting out of Brazil. Blue gloves and silver trunks for Radzhabov fighting out of Tajikistan. The referee in charge is Mike Beltran.

Round 1: Schulte throws a spinning strike early. Radzhabov comes forward with shots to the body. Schulte’s kick is caught and another body shot connects. Front kick for Schulte. Judo throw is blocked. Radzhabov with a kick to the right leg. Left hooks from Radzhabov. Uppercut misses. Another leg kick lands. The crowd is heavily in favor of Radzhabov. He gets hurt with a right hook and Schulte swarms. Schulte takes him down at 2:40 on top in half guard. Schulte briefly considered a choke and let it go. Radzhabov spins back to his feet at 3:18. Radzhabov with a right hand. Leg kick for Schulte. Radzhabov loses his mouthpiece and Beltran retrieves it and puts it back in. Radzhabov pressures. Leg kick. Overhand right. Close quarters combos both ways. Front kick for Radzhabov. Left jab. Despite Schulte hurting Radzhabov and taking him down, Radzhabov seemed to out strike Schulte for the duration, edging it 10-9 his way.

Round 2: Radzhabov continues to push forward letting his hands and feet go, landing right hands at will, but Schulte counters to a takedown and jumps to take the back. Radzhabov shrugs him off and comers forward with uppercuts and left hands. Schulte is quickly getting into trouble in the clinch, taking a hard knee following a nasty flurry, but it gives him the chance to get a takedown. Radzhabov sweeps back to his feet at 1:55 and pours on more shots. Uppercut to the body. Left hook over the top. Knee to the body. Left to the chin. Hard right hand stings Schulte. Two more follow. There’s only so much more of this Schulte can possibly take. Beltran could stop it standing if he believes Schulte isn’t intelligently defending himself. Radzhabov loses his mouthpiece and gets a warning to keep it in. Knee to the head as Schulte comes forward. Radzhabov pushes him away and lets the hands go. Schulte goes for a single leg and can’t get it. He tries to cover up as Radzhabov continues to fire away. Body shot. Uppercut. Right. Left. Body shot. Schulte is trying to answer back but it’s 3 to 1 in terms of what lands in Radzhabov’s favor. Right hook for Radzhabov with 30 seconds left. Knee comes up for Schulte and scores. Schulte’s bleeding from the nose. Radzhabov takes him for a ride and finishes on top. 10-9 Radzhabov borderline 10-8.

Round 3: Radzhabov continues to attack even as Schulte tries to change the game by being the man coming forward. Radzhabov teases a single leg and Schulte shrugs it off. They stand in the middle and trade at 1:10. Sean O’Connell loves it. Left hook for Schulte. Leg kick. Uppercut for Radzhabov. Two rights for Schulte. Leg kick for Schulte. Left clean for Schulte. Hard leg kick for Schulte. He may be turning the corner a bit. Radzhabov could have over-exerted himself in round two. Another leg kick for Schulte. Hard clean left for Schulte at 2:45. Uppercuts both ways. Body shots both ways. Hard right for Radzhabov. Uppercut for Radzhabov. Jab kick jab hook Schulte. Knee for Schulte. Radzhabov shoots and misses. Leg kick Schulte. Knee from Radzhabov. Right hook. Schulte makes Radzhabov stumble on a leg kick. He attacks it again and again. Radzhabov is in trouble and he shoots. Schulte blocks it easily and jumps on top in full mount. 10-9 Schulte.

Round 4: Schulte presses Radzhabov to the fence and Radzhabov tries to punch his way out of trouble. Sean O’Connell informs us Radzhabov didn’t even make it to his stool between rounds. That’s not a good sign. Radzhabov crumbles on a leg kick and Schulte once again jumps on top in full mount. He’s got 3:30 seconds to work. Schulte is looking for the head and arm choke and Radzhabov tries to defend, but he’s clearly exhausted and hurting and barely able to do anything to stop Schulte. Miraculously Radzhabov gets back to his feet and Schulte easily stuffs a takedown and gets the full mount back shortly thereafter. If Schulte would let him stand up he could get a TKO off the leg kicks alone. Radzhabov tries to go for a kimura but Schulte’s having none of it. 90 seconds left. Radzhabov scrambles and Schulte goes for a guillotine choke. Radzhabov slips out. 10-9 Schulte.

Round 5: Radzhabov is trying his best to stand but you can see how gingerly he’s putting weight on his left leg. Schulte stuffs a single leg for a moment, Radzhabov goes for it again, he tries to take the back and Schulte slips off, and they stand and trade as Schulte walks Radzhabov down. Radzhabov tries to throw Schulte and he tries to block it with the whizzer. Radzhabov completes it and is on top in side control. Knee to the body. 2:30. Schulte sweeps on top at 2:37. They stand up six seconds later. Radzhabov goes for a front headlock. He tries to take the back and slips off again, putting Schulte on top in half guard. Radzhabov tries to get up and Schulte yanks his legs away from the fence. Radzhabov tries to push off with his feet. Schulte responds by trying to take the back. Radzhabov tries to roll out and Schulte gets full mount in response. 10-9 Schulte.

Final result: The judges score it 49-44, 49-46, 48-47 all for Natan Schulte.

Lance Palmer vs. Alex Gilpin

Former WSOF Featherweight champion Palmer is 21-3 for this title fight, owner of a lengthy 10-fight win streak. Gilpin comes in 14-3 having lost a decision to Palmer in his last fight, looking to finally get a win over Palmer in his third try. Palmer has the red gloves on tonight with green trunks, fighting out of Columbus, Ohio. Gilpin has the blue gloves and silver trunks, fighting out of Madison, Wisconsin. The referee in charge is Keith Peterson.

Round 1: Gilpin works to put Palmer on the outer circle in the opening minute of the bout. Palmer circles both directions looking to stay out of Gilpin’s striking range and answer with his own combos. Palmer continues to find a home for his left hand. We get a timeout as Palmer takes a finger to the eye from Gilpin and the doctor comes in to take a look. Replay shows Gilpin really jammed the finger home to the left eye clear as day. Palmer’s vision clears and we resume at 1:49. Palmer immediately takes Gilpin to the ground and passes to side control. Gilpin counters to to a North-South choke and can’t finish it but he sweeps to the top in side control. Palmer scrambles and gets back to his feet at 3:10. Big left hand from Palmer. Gilpin continues to pressure. Flying knee attempt from Gilpin but Palmer gets a takedown off it and is in side control again. Left hands to the head on top. 10-9 Palmer.

Round 2: Gilpin is again the pressure fighter coming forward, and he even catches a kick from Palmer but doesn’t take him down off it. Palmer shoots the double right to side control at 54 seconds. Gilpin kicks him away and gets back up. Palmer almost caught him with a knee as he did so. Right hand for Palmer. Gilpin paws at the range with his left. Palmer takes him down at 2:05 but Gilpin tries to trap the head for a choke. He’s unable to do so and Palmer winds up in full guard. Palmer attempts to pass two times but each time Gilpin recovers the guard. Upkicks from Gilpin on the third attempt. Gilpin uses that to make Palmer back off and spring to his feet. Palmer presses him right into the fence. Knees to the body from Gilpin when he pushes back, and another takedown from Palmer. Rights to the body and head on top. 10-9 Palmer.

Round 3: Gilpin shoots for a double leg but Palmer counters and is quickly on top of his opponent in side control. Gilpin gets him back to guard holds him at bay with butterfly and double underhooks. He tries to kick off but Palmer jumps right back on top in full guard. Gilpin pushes off and gets his back to the cage but Palmer doesn’t let him get to his feet. Palmer gets full mount at 3:23. Gilpin pushes him back to guard and Palmer pushes Gilpin’s head into the fence and stacks him up so he can smash with lefts and rights. 10-9 Palmer.

Round 4: It only takes Palmer 15 seconds to get the takedown this time. Gilpin tries to slapbox the ears from underneath to no effect. He tries to sweep and Palmer rolls right with him and ends up in full guard. Palmer tries and fails to secure side control but he has Gilpin crushed into the fence just like he did in the last round. On commentary Sean O’Connell says Gilpin has “not had any significant escapes” in round four, and on cue Gilpin tries and fails to get off his back. Palmer grinds it out for the duration. 10-9 again for Palmer.

Round 5: Gilpin pushes forward and Palmer responds with a 1-2 and a left hook. The left lands him again before another takedown to side control at 40 seconds. Gilpin recovers to guard, not that doing so has been any help to him in the previous four rounds. Palmer continues to accumulate damage one body shot at a time as Gilpin fails to kick him off and Palmer regains side control in the process. Left hands to the head from Palmer. A few elbows land home too. Gilpin gets him to guard again at 2:38. Palmer’s wrestling is just too much for the challenger and Gilpin had no answer for him in either of their previous fights. He doesn’t here either. 10-9 Palmer.

Final result: Lance Palmer takes the title and million dollar check by 50-43, 50-44 X2 unanimous decision.

Emiliano Sordi vs. Jordan Johnson

This PFL championship contest is at Light Heavyweight. Sordi is 21-8 with four straight wins in Professional Fighters League. Johnson is 12-1-1 and unbeaten in his last three fights. Johnson has the blue gloves tonight with silver trunks, and Sordi has the red gloves and yellow trunks. Johnson fights out of Gilbert, Arizona. Sordi fights out of Rio Cuarto, Argentina. The referee in charge is Dan Miragliotta.

Round 1: Sordi offers a glove tap and Johnson accepts. Sordi pushes Johnson to the outside trading hands and cleans his clock with a 1-2 combo at the 30 second mark. Johnson continues to fire back with left hands, owning a three inch reach advantage, and he gets a takedown at the 51 second mark although Sordi pops right back up. Body shot by Sordi. Johnson fails on a single leg attempt. He’s a former University of Iowa wrestler but he’s getting hurt by right hands and may not get to the next single leg before Miragliotta stops it. Sordi takes the back and pours on the ground and pound and it’s stopped at 2:01.

Final result: Emiliano Sordi via technical knockout at 2:01 of the first round.

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