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Dana White doesn’t think Nick Diaz has the passion or love for fighting anymore

Fight fans are still waiting to see if a much-desired showdown between Jorge Masvidal and Nick Diaz will see the light of day after the two men exchanged some light barbs over the past few months as a result of “Gamebred” defeating Nate Diaz at UFC 244.

But by the sound of it, everyone will continue to wait for a long time. That’s according to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President, Dana White, who tells ESPN that he is still firm in his stance that Nick simply doesn’t want to fight anymore. And that the love and passion he may have had at one time for the hurt business simply isn’t there anymore.

“I haven’t, but I know that our matchmakers have,” White said regarding any sort of talks with Nick. “But I have said it before and I will say it again, I don’t think Nick Diaz wants to fight. I don’t think he has that love, that passion for fighting. I think it’s sort of a love-hate relationship for him. All the things Nick has is because of fighting, but I don’t think he loves to do it.”

Nick will be the first to tell you putting a beating on someone isn’t something he exactly looks forward to, he especially hates seeing someone do it to his younger brother Nate. Yet, through it all Nick is still one of the most-beloved fighters of this generation thanks in large part to his raw energy and his mantra of simply “keeping it real” at all times.

Still, White feels the extended sit Nick is currently on should be enough to convince everyone that he’s likely done.

“That’s up to Nick, he knows whether he wants to fight or not,” White said. “There are guys that I think should be finished and want them to retire, because I don't want to see them get hurt or maybe I feel they can’t compete at this level anymore.

“Then there are guys that they know whether they want to compete anymore, they have to make that decision on their own own. This isn’t baseball or basketball or a sport where you can go out and half ass it. You have to be 100 percent in. Especially here. If you come to fight in UFC, these guys are the best in the world and are savages that want to become world champions. And if you’re not in the right mindset this isn’t the place for you.”

Diaz hasn’t competed since Jan. 2015, and despite his numerous battles with Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC), he is eligible to return to action when he sees fit.

But other than a few teases here and there over the course of the last five years, Nick hasn’t come close to returning to action, leading many to believe that perhaps White is onto something.

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