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Tyron Woodley isn’t taking any shade from Leon Edwards over his rap career

Things are getting heated between Woodley and Edwards, but a fight between the two in London remains unsigned.


A fight between former welterweight champ Tyron Woodley and UK contender Leon Edwards is already heating up, despite not even being signed and official.

The UFC has been trying to get Woodley to face Edwards on March 21st in London, but the ‘difficult’ fighter turned the offer down because he had no interest in fighting outside the United States. That’s been the last official word on things, but somehow the match seems to be sliding into place behind the scenes? Because in a recent back and forth between T-Wood and Leon, Tyron implied he’d pull out of the fight he hasn’t agreed to yet if Edwards continued to talk trash ... about his rapping.

Let’s back all this up a bit.

Yes, Tyron Woodley’s rapping. “The Chosen One” is a versatile man, and one of his interests is music. He’s put out a couple of tunes, and most recently showed up in a friend’s Edward Scissorhands rap video to drop some lyrical bombs. It’s ... definitely more leftfield than your average rap endeavor, so of course he ate a lot of s**t from haters on the internet. But you better believe he ain’t taking any disrespect from Leon Edwards over it.

Leon dug a bit deeper into Tyron’s oeuvre to mock his work in the music video Blow from the Glacier Boyz where he waxes poetic on the juiciness of womens’ posteriors.

”At least you have the rapping career to fall back on after March,” Edwards wrote.

“Shut your bitch ass up before I don’t sign to fight you bum ass,” Woodley replied. “Nobody knows you, nobody cares, you a b**ch and ate a three piece and that’s your biggest claim to fame! Quit clout chasing and trying to add to your 50k followers. You’re embarrassing! Stop trying to talk s**t you’re garbage at it just like your bum ass career. I’ve made more money in music than you’ve made in your entire career. Laugh at that you lil b**ch!”

Okay, this fight is only getting more interesting. Let’s hope it actually comes together now!

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