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Floyd Mayweather tops Forbes ‘Highest Paid Athletes of the Decade’ list with nearly $1 billion in earnings

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Floyd Mayweather may be retired from the hurt business, but the longtime boxing king made sure to rake in a lot of coin before he rode off into the sunset. In fact, Floyd was so “Money” over the last 10 years that he is officially Forbes “Highest Paid Athlete of the Decade.”

Indeed, Mayweather is without a doubt the highest-paid fighter in the history of combat sports, and he can now officially claim to be the highest paid athlete of this decade. Which is saying something as contracts for NFL, NBA and MLB players have gone way up over the last 10 years.

Click here and here for examples of the ridiculous contracts handed out while us common folk slave away at our 9 to 5’s.

Floyd has taken part in several high profile and big-money boxing bouts over the course of the last ten years, which includes wins over Saul “Canelo” Alvarez ($41.5 million), Marcos Maidana ($32 million), Miguel Cotto ($32 million) and Manny Pacquiao ($120 million).

But none of those payouts compare to what he made in his final fight against former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) “champ-champ,” Conor McGregor. According to reports, when it was all said and done, Floyd raked in a whopping $275 million for that fight alone. Not a bad night’s work.

But just because Floyd is done fighting, it doesn’t mean he’s done earning.

Recent reports state that Floyd will partner up with UFC president Dana White in 2020 for a couple of business ventures in mixed martial arts (MMA) and in the world of boxing. Whether or not “Money” comes out of retirement one more time for another massive payday, remains to be seen.