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Conor McGregor rushes to the aid of Frankie Edgar as ‘The Answer’ battles ha-ha Twitter trolls

Press conference by Irish MMA fighter Conor McGregor in Moscow Photo by Stanislav Krasilnikov\TASS via Getty Images

Frankie Edgar took a short-notice fight to help save the UFC Fight Night 165 main event in Busan, and as good as the former UFC lightweight champion can be inside the cage, he was basically jumping off the couch to fight one of the nastiest featherweights in the world.

The result was a first-round technical knockout in favor of Chan Sung Jung (highlights).

Edgar took the loss “like a man,” but that didn’t stop Twitter maggots from feasting on the flesh of his 145-pound career. Not that “The Answer” give a rat’s ass about some dweeb trying to ha-ha his way to social media superstardom but hey, he’s got feelings too.

“Why do the negative comments always get to you the most?” Edgar asked. “Thanks for the love from most of you out there. To the others, I’m sure it won’t be your last shitty comment to dish out. Let’s not give power to these people. Thanks for the [love] to the real ones out there!”

Speaking of which...

Michael Bisping, Kelvin Gastelum, and Ben Saunders, among other UFC talents, were also quick to aid “The Answer,” who is expected to make his bantamweight debut at some point in early-to-mid 2020 against an opponent to be named.

No question the loss to Jung will be a bitter pill to swallow, but it will also fade from view in relatively short order if Edgar is able to win his first fight at 135 pounds. If not, the 38 year-old wrestler — who dropped three of his last four — could be facing the dreaded “talk.”

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