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Highlights! Badr Hari vs. Rico Verhoeven 2 ends in freak injury

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Glory Kickboxing’s big Collision 2 event went down Saturday night from the sold out GelreDome in the Netherlands, propelled by a grudge rematch between champ Rico Verhoeven and controversial star Badr Hari. Their first fight went down three years ago with Hari losing due to a freak arm injury, and history repeated itself with Hari once again going down in strange fashion, injuring his heel on a spinning kick 59 seconds into round 3.

It was a wild back and forth fight that we encourage you to check out in full. But for now here’s some highlights courtesy of UFC Fight Pass:

Round 1 saw Badr drop Verhoeven, the first time the Glory champ has ever suffered a knockdown.

A second knockdown via headkick in round 3 seemed to have Badr close to victory...

...but then a blocked spinning attack injured Hari’s ankle, leaving him cursing on the canvas as the ref waved off the fight. The official diagnosis: ruptured ligament.

There’s definitely going to be a third rematch, and hopefully sooner rather than later. Let’s just hope injuries, drug suspensions, and jail don’t get in the way.