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Jorge Masvidal buries ‘coward’ Colby Covington for ‘tucking tail after his loss’

Colby Covington lost his welterweight title fight against champ Karamu Usman on Saturday night at UFC 245 and, of course, his legions of haters are pretty pleased about the situation. Not only did Covington get stopped with one minute left in the fight, Usman also broke his jaw.

Some consider this payback for all the racist dog whistles Covington has blown while feuding with “The Nigerian Nightmare” and have started a hashtag on twitter called #MAGAJAW that’s been trending hard all day.

Even Rosie O’Donnell is throwing serious shade Covington’s way:

But none of that really compares to the vitriolic tweets being sent Covington’s way by his one time best friend, Jorge Masvidal. Go back to before Covington adopted the “Colby Chaos” persona and all his media interviews include him praising his teammate and best bud Masvidal. That’s waaaaay over now. Leading up to UFC 245, Masvidal dished some heavy dirt on Covington.

And now he’s burying the dude:

”They say never kick a man when he is down but you not a man,” Masvidal wrote. “Should’ve paid my coach, it’s cheaper than getting your jaw wired shut.

“Shout out to Ben Askren, who never tucked tail after his loss,” a follow up tweet from Jorge read. “Made no excuses. Took it on the chin and never censored the haters like a coward.”

Askren did indeed take his brutal record-breaking knockout to Masvidal in impressive stride. As for Covington, he made a not-so dignified dash out of the arena immediately after the official result was read and then called the end of the fight a “fake stoppage” by a “fake referee.” You know, because some people might have been tempted to start liking him for the guts he displayed fighting with a fractured jaw so he just had to remind everyone how consistently toxic his personality is.

It’ll probably be a while before we see Covington back in the cage. While the average Joe can heal up from a fractured jaw in a month or two, we imagine it takes a bit more time before you’re ready to take fists to the face again. And since the entire Internet seems to agree Covington’s got an extremely punchable face, he better rest up and let that sucker heal properly or #MAGAJAW could make a comeback in 2020.

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