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Video: Possibly the worst combat sports cut we’ve ever seen - ‘What’s that stringy bit?’

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Things got bloody during a Muay Thai fight in Australia over the weekend as Stephan Lottering defeated Eddie Farrell via doctor’s stoppage to win the WBC Muaythai 168-pound world title.

Farrell shared a video of the grisly aftermath of the bout as his team poked and prodded at the massive cut above his eye, which prompted the stoppage. I’ve seen some nasty gashes, but this one is particularly nasty and gross. So maybe reconsider watching Farrell’s Instagram video below. Aaaand you’re still gonna watch, aren’t you?

Yeah, let’s look at this thing.

”Went elbow to elbow with Stephan Lottering last night!” Farrell wrote. “He landed the final blows and the fight got stopped by the doctor. Well done mate, you deserve that belt.”

Farrell followed up by saying he’d be taking a break because the “scar tissue on my head is f**ked, I look like a real life Chucky doll.”

As Nate Diaz learned when the cut from his Anthony Pettis fight reopened against Jorge Masvidal, it’s definitely a good idea to wait until those bad ones heal properly, lest they bust open again in your next fight.

Here’s a shot of Farrell and Lottering following their weigh-ins:

And the two of them slinging all elbows:

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