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UFC Fight Night 163 results: Alexander Volkov decisions Greg Hardy in Moscow

Greg Hardy and Alexander Volkov faced each other in a Heavyweight clash tonight (Sat., Nov. 9, 2019) at UFC Fight Night 163, which took place inside CSKA Arena in Moscow, Russia. It wasn’t the action fight the world hoped for, but Volkov did win a clear-cut decision.

Volkov opened the bout with an early low kick. Five low kicks landed for the Russian in the opening 20 seconds, though they were hardly full power. A good right to the chin connected for Volkov. Hardy landed a good left hook, and Volkov responded with a jab. Jab and left body kick landed for Volkov. Hardy attempted a takedown, jammed his foe into the fence. “Drago” landed a clean hook-cross. Nice jab landed for Hardy. Volkov snapped his foe with another jab and touched the body with a left kick. Volkov walked his foe into a right hand but ate a left hook.

Volkov worked behind the jab early in the second. Hardy attempted a takedown and landed a glancing right hand on the break. Hardy scored a low kick. Volkov poked at the legs. Hard jab connected for Volkov. Volkov ripped a quick left kick to the mid-section. Looping overhand right connected for Hardy. Two front kicks landed to the body for Volkov. Another body kick. Another! Hardy missed big with a spinning back fist. Hard jab connected to the temple for Volkov, who was finally picking up the pace a bit near the end of the second round.

Front kick to the face opened the final round for Volkov. Hardy blitzed his foe, landed a couple decent shots. Hardy stuck his foe with a couple jabs, and Volkov returned the favor. The combination of left jab and left body kick continued to land well for “Drago.” Stiff jab landed for Hardy. Volkov jabbed back, chopped at the lead leg. High kick landed for Volkov. Hard jab from Volkov wobbled his foe’s knees. Volkov countered a low kick attempt with a lead leg high kick. Hard body kick connected for the Russian. Volkov stung his foe with a right.

It was not an incredibly eventful fight, but Volkov pretty clearly won every round. “Drago” is back in the win column, while Hardy will head back to the drawing board.

Result: Alexander Volkov defeats Greg Hardy via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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