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UFC Fight Night 163 results: Zabit Magomedsharipov edges Calvin Kattar in fantastic firefight

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Zabit Magomedsharipov and Calvin Kattar faced each other in a Featherweight clash today (Sat., Nov. 9, 2019) at UFC Fight Night 163, which took place inside CSKA Arena in Moscow, Russia.

The two men both showed feints to open the bout. Magomedsharipov connected with a body kick but partially ate a right hand. The two traded jabs. Several good low kicks landed for Magomedsharipov. Magomedsharipov worked the double jab a lot. Good low kick landed for Kattar. Cross-jab combination landed for Kattar. Magomedsharipov ripped a pair of body shots. Magomedsharipov scored with a front kick. Hard, chopping low kick landed for Kattar. Magomedsharipov swept his foe’s ankle out with a slick kick. Magomedsharipov landed a good 1-2. Double jab scored for Magomedsharipov. Magomedsharipov showed an elbow, landed a body shot. Kattar cracked his foe with an overhand right as Magomedsharipov stepped forward, and the two exchanged. Trading power shots, both men landed, but the Dagestani athlete finished the round with a nice pair of body shots.

Magomedsharipov landed some early left hands and a good body kick. Magomedsharipov scored with a spin kick. Kattar had a difficult time landing his jab cleanly. Good inside low kick landed for “ZaBeast.” Stiff jab landed for Kattar, who then stuck it to the body. Magomedsharipov attacked his first takedown of the fight, but it was denied. Magomedsharipov landed his signature trip to the mat, but he was unable to hold Kattar down. Kattar scored a good 3-2. Kattar landed a few good jabs, but he ate a left hook. Two uppercuts connected for Kattar. Magomedsharipov attempted a handstand kick near the bell, absorbed a glancing right hand. The second round was much closer than the first, but Magomedsharipov threw a lot more strikes overall.

The two traded jabs immediately to open the final frame, but a Magomedsharipov low kick stalled the action. Hard left hook to the body landed for Magomedsharipov. Kattar landed a couple good low kicks. Kattar landed a hard couple punches while stalking, absorbed a left hand. Magomedsharipov shifted his strategy a bit, showing lots of quick punches without fully committing to them. Kattar ripped his foe’s mid-section. Two hard left hooks connected for Kattar, who turned it up with another three punch combination. Kattar ripped the mid-section with a left hook, but Magomedsharipov returned the favor with a counter hook. Hard uppercut connected for Kattar. Another. Kattar attempted a jump knee, was taken down as a result. From within the guard, Magomedsharipov merely held on, while Kattar showed his frustration in the form of small punches from his back.

It was a strong third round from Kattar, but ultimately, it was not enough to rally back from Magomedsharipov’s strong start. Once again, Magomedsharipov’s speed and trickery in the opening half of the fight proved too much for a game opponent.

Result: Zabit Magomedsharipov defeats Calvin Kattar via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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