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KSI vs. Logan Paul 2 official salaries: Both YouTube stars set to bank $900,000 guaranteed in pro debuts

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YouTube sensations KSI and Logan Paul will step inside of the boxing ring later this evening (Sat., Nov. 9, 2019) live on DAZN from inside Staples Center in Los Angeles, Calif., for one of the biggest boxing rematches in recent memory. This time around the six-round affair with be contested as a professional bout, which means no head gear and smaller gloves.

For the rematch, KSI and Paul stand to make a boat load of cash. In fact, the two YouTube stars are expected to walk away with guaranteed purses of $900,000 each, according to the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC). Of course, each fighter will be able to earn more on the back end through sponsorship, ticket sales, and potentially PPV buys.

This may seem like a lot for two fighters making their professional debuts, but KSI and Paul have already proven their ability to sell. Remember, their first fight back in 2018 produced over 1,000,000 buys through YouTube and quickly became the biggest amateur fight in the history of the sport. That’s pretty incredible considering neither YouTuber had ever competed in a sporting event like that before, but now you can see why the big bucks are being tossed around for the rematch.

I guess having big muscles and access to a computer really does pay these days.

The full “KSI vs. Logan Paul 2” payouts can be seen below:

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