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Video: Francis Ngannou just became even more dangerous thanks to Mike Tyson

Tyson Fury may (or may not) be the next boxer to cross over to mixed martial arts (MMA) if he has his way. While Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president wouldn’t downright shut the idea down, he feels the big man would get crushed in the Octagon so making the move won’t make sense.

As far as one of his guys making the cross over into the boxing world, that’s only happened once before, as Conor McGregor took on (and lost to) Floyd Mayweather in a historic bout two years ago. That said, Heavyweight contender, Francis Ngannou has expressed interest in boxing Tyson Fury.

Should that day ever come, he already has some insight to how to bring down the big man, as Mike Tyson took the time to give “The Predator” some boxing tips on how to defeat “The Gypsy King” should they ever cross paths. And the two have already started hying it up.

Even if the fight never comes to be in the boxing arena, Francis now has a bit more striking knowledge to add to his already-lethal stand-up game to put to good use inside the Octagon.

When that days comes no one knows, as “The Predator” has been itching to get back into the swing of things, though UFC has yet to lock down a suitable foe. In the meantime, Francis is only getting better, which isn’t good news for anyone standing across from him.

And yes, he still has the heaviest hands in the game:

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