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Tito Ortiz recruiting YouTube star Logan Paul for MMA crossover

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KSI VS. Logan Paul 2 Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Like it or not, YouTube sensation Logan Paul is quickly becoming one of the most sought after names in combat sports. It’s crazy to think that’s even possible, but after massive boxing matches against fellow social media star KSI the 24-year-old Paul is commanding mass attention heading into 2020.

Paul, who ended up losing a controversial split-decision to KSI earlier this month in a massive PPV rematch, has already been linked to a potential move to mixed martial arts (MMA). The former high school wrestling standout doesn’t possess any formal MMA training, but the same can be said about Paul’s boxing abilities and that didn’t stop him from making $900,000 in guaranteed salary.

One MMA star already taking notice of Paul is none other than former UFC light heavyweight champion and all-around combat legend Tito Ortiz. “Huntington Beach Bad Boy” has already talked to Paul about a potential crossover into the cage and is willing to help the young star’s transition.

“We were talking about MMA honestly,” Paul recently told DAZN. “Boxing is cool, but I feel like my future is in MMA... I will be fighting a third time.”

While Paul is completely green to the sport of MMA, Ortiz is one of the best fighters to learn from. Despite being on the tail end of his storied career, Ortiz’s experience and knowledge of the game could help prepare Paul for a future bout. That’s not to say that Paul would turn into a MMA wrecking machine, but learning from a fighter like Tito Ortiz is certainly going to help his chances.

“When a young guy like that who happened just to have a bright mind and strong and wanna work hard, it’s good to see,” Ortiz told Little Giant Boxing (h/t BJ Penn). “You wanna make sure you build guys the right way. When they’re young, they gotta be built the right way, they gotta do the right things so I couldn’t give an opponent. I wanna make sure how good he was in MMA in general.”

Only time will tell what Paul decides to do next. But if the money is right and the YouTube star is able to bring over his massive social media following then a MMA crossover may very well be in the plans for 2020. It just won’t happen in UFC.

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