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Video: Former UFC champ Chuck Liddell does stand-up comedy with Whitney Cummings and David Spade

Credit to former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion, Chuck Liddell, for blazing a crossover trail outside of mixed martial arts (MMA) during (and after) his time in the spotlight. From his stint on Entourage way back in 2007 to “Dancing with the Stars” just a few years later, “The Iceman” has seen and done it all.

Well, almost all.

One thing missing from Liddell’s resume was stand-up comedy, so longtime funnyman David Spade, along with popular comedian Whitney Cummings, enlisted the retired knockout artist for their “Lights Out” show and fed him jokes for an unsuspecting audience.

Maybe he can do his next set at this new comedy club.

“Hey, what’s up, everybody? It’s me, white Pitbull. No, my name is Chuck Liddell,” he said. “If you don’t know my name and don’t know who I am, heckle me and you’ll find out. I hope my stand-up comedy goes better than my Jeopardy try out. Boy, stand-up comedy is tough. You have to be able to complete a sentence. Hey, real quick, has anyone seen my neck? I had it in the car.”

“I have this thing called R.M.S., Resting Murderer Face,” he continued. “I’m like an intelligent Rob Gronkowski. I don’t understand my own jokes, but I hope you do. My wife is tough, she’s like a female Ronda Rousey. I’ve got to go. I have protein powder and it’s not going to snort itself. Thank you, everybody. Good night.”

I think the funniest part of this video is watching Liddell stumble and grumble his way through each joke, as he tries to remember the lines and deliver them with a humorous inflection. And hey, it sure beats his legendary performance on Good Morning Texas.

Speaking of punchlines, remember this “Burn?”

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