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UFC 244 results: Stephen Thompson picks apart Vicente Luque in decision victory

Stephen Thompson and Vicente Luque faced each other in a Welterweight clash tonight (Sat., Nov. w, 2019) at UFC 244, which took place inside Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York. In an incredible performance, Thompson picked apart another dangerous foe.

Luque opened the fight with two low kicks, and “Wonderboy” returned the favor with one. Two more quick low kicks from Luque. Good jab from Thompson. Another couple low kicks from Thompson. Good counter cross landed for Thompson. Thompson absorbed a low kick, landed a side kick. Big right hand landed for Luque, who responded with a hard left cross. Good 1-2 from Thompson, followed by a jab. Another good right connected for Luque. Luque released a combination, landing a cross and follwing it up with a hard left hook. Uppercut scored too for Luque. Both men were bleeding after that big flurry. Quick jabs scored for Thompson. Luque chopped the lead leg again, landed another left hook. Hard body kick scored for Thompson. Hard 2-1 landed for Luque along the fence. Thompson countered a low kick with a clean left cross. Great 1-2-body kick landed for Thompson. Luque ended the round with a low kick.

Thompson stuck his foe with a jab and side kick to start the second. Hard cross connected for “Wonderboy.” Hard right hand over the top landed for Luque. Jab landed for Thompson. Luque landed a kick, absorbed a counter combo. Body kick connected for Thompson. Side kick from Thompson knocked his foe off his feet. Counter cross from Thompson stunned Luque, who responded by landing a hard right hand. Thompson fired a wheel kick that was blocked, but he landed a nice body kick afterward. Big cross connected for Luque, followed by a left hook and a cross. Spin kick landed to the mid-section for Thompson. Crisp cross scored for Thompson, but Luque cracked him with a left hook. Two right hands connected for “Wonderboy.” Thompson flurried and landed, but Luque fired back with hard shots with his back to the fence. Superman punch scored for Luque, followed by a calf kick. Luque landed a left, absorbed a crisp cross to end an insane round.

Thompson began the final rond with some side kicks and a stiff jab. Luque scored with a body kick. Another side kick knocked Luque from his feet. Perfect left hand from Thompson sent Luque to the mat hard, but the Brazilian managed to survive. Jab landed for Luque. Body shot scored for Thompson. Hard jab from “Wonderboy.” Thompson took an angle, landed a right hand. Luque landed a decent left hook, but he was having a difficult time tracking Thompson down. Right hand over the top connected clean for Luque, followed by a jab. Thompson landed a jab, absorbed an overhand. A left hand from Thompson stunned Luque. Spin kick, followed by a 1-2 scored for Thompson.

This was really a vintage performance from Stephen Thompson. Luque came out smart and dangerous, arguably winning the first round and landing some hard shots in the process. However, Thompson eventually figured out his foe’s timing, and once that happened, “Wonderboy” put on a show.

Result: Stephen Thompson defeats Vicente Luque via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 29-27)

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