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Nick Diaz keeps calling out Jorge Masvidal: ‘Give the fans that real s--t’

UFC on FOX: Diaz v Miller 5-5-2012 Photo by David Dermer/Diamond Images/Getty Images

Last week Nick Diaz stepped out of the shadows to give a 50 minute interview with ESPN’s Ariel Helwani, the first extensive discussion he’s participated in on his fight career in years. Unfortunately, there was a lot of contradictory statements delivered during Diaz’s rambling pot enhanced train of thought. At the start of a sentence he’d say hells naw to fighting again. By the end he’d say anyone can come get some. There was also something about Cowboys Stadium? It’s on you, Dana!

But he was consistent when it came to the subject of Jorge Masvidal: he did not appreciate “Street Jesus” saying he’d ‘baptize’ Nate at UFC 244. This breach of trash talk etiquette bothered Nick enough for him to challenge Jorge to a fight. And since then footage of Nick training has started to flow on social media networks. Now the elder Diaz brother seems to be calling out Masvidal again in a new Instagram post.

”Thank you Ariel Helwani for letting me come on had a long week I was a little worked up,” Diaz wrote. “Masvidal, UFC, give the fans that Real shit what they wanna see.”

It didn’t take long for Masvidal to respond in the comments.

“Would be a honor,” Jorge wrote. “I’m 100% in for this #theresurrection.”

Of course, Nick hasn’t competed in the Octagon for five years and hasn’t won a fight since 2011. His ESPN interview was such a murky nonsensical soup that it left people questioning his mental health. It certainly didn’t inspire much confidence in his ability to step off the sidelines and clean Jorge Masvidal’s clock. At this point, a fight between the two feels more like promotional malpractice than a dream matchup.

So enjoy the wolf tickets Diaz and Masvidal are selling, but don’t think you’ll ever get to cash them in. I’ll settle for Jorge vs. Nate 2 somewhere down the road, after Nate’s cut fully heals and his knee is good enough to prepare his cardio properly.

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