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Chael Sonnen believes Jorge Masvidal vs. Nick Diaz is a ‘special’ fight we should all want

UFC 183: Silva v Diaz Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Things have started to heat up between Nick Diaz and Jorge Masvidal following the completion of the “Baddest Motherf—ker” title fight earlier this month at UFC 244, in which “Gamebred” defeated Nate Diaz via third-round TKO (see it again HERE).

The beef between the two fighters all started when Masvidal talked about baptizing Nate at UFC 244 and winning the new “BMF title. Big brother Nick then chimed in and came to Nate’s defense, declaring himself the true “BMF” king in the process. Masvidal cut a funny video in response before asking if Nick knows who he’s calling out.

While Diaz hasn’t fought since taking on Anderson Silva at UFC 183 back in 2015, this little rivalry with Masvidal has started to gain some traction. If UFC were to reach out to Diaz and propose a battle with “Gamebred” and the opportunity to avenge Nate’s “BMF” loss, maybe the Stockton fighter will come back and give fight fans one final performance.

Despite being absent from the MMA spotlight for nearly five years, Diaz still commands a large following capable of bringing any of his fights to the next level. Just ask MMA commentator and former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen, who believes a Diaz vs. Masvidal grudge match would truly be something special.

“We don’t have to get into the X’s and O’s,” Sonnen said on ESPN Radio (via “Just for fun right now, I think Nick would be the bigger fight. Don’t forget, I’m not insulting Nate. Nate just sold out Madison Square Garden, had the rocking attendance, had the President in attendance.

“I’m not slighting Nate but don’t you agree with me? I mean come on, there would be something special if big brother stepped in to get redemption for little brother.”

Nick, 36, was always the bigger star than Nate going back to his days in Strikeforce and eventually UFC. But with Nick absent from the picture over the last half decade, Nate has started to take the game over. From his two fights with Conor McGregor to his massive “BMF” match with Masvidal, the younger Diaz seems to be pulling the strings nowadays.

That said, Nick Diaz is still the man. People understand who he is and what he has done, whether he has competed since 2015 or not. If he was ever to come back to UFC and fight one last time it would be absolutely massive.

“You know what, simple economics. The law of supply and demand,” he explained. “The greatest law in all of economics says that if you don’t have very much Nick and you can get a Nick one time, that that’s more valuable than Nate a third time.

“So I think that it’s great but I also think that you really can’t redo that story. I mean I’d have to go back to what? It was Tito Ortiz that fought Frank Shamrock, so then big brother Ken’s gonna step in and make things right.”

What say you, Maniacs? Is Diaz vs. Masvidal a truly special fight to make?

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