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Bellator 234 results: ‘Kharitonov vs Vassell’ streaming play-by-play updates

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Bellator 234 Bellator MMA

Bellator 234: “Kharitonov vs. Vassell” airs TONIGHT (Nov. 15, 2019) from Menora Mivtachim Arena in Tel Aviv, Israel via Paramount Network and DAZN. The resurgent Pride Fighting legend Sergei Kharitonov (30-7, 2 NC) faces “The Swarm” Linton Vassell (18-8, 1 NC) in the night’s main event!

Bellator 234’s main card will air via tape delay at 9 p.m. ET on Paramount Network and DAZN (watch it). will deliver results for the full card and play-by-play for the main Bellator MMA card on Paramount.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 234) about the bouts and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it’s always a lot of fun!


Sergei Kharitonov vs. Linton VassellVassell TKO 3:15 R2.
Roger Huerta vs. Sidney OutlawOutlaw UD 30-27 X2, 29-28.
Aviv Gozali vs. Zaka FatullazadeGozali sub (anaconda) 0:56 R1.
Haim Gozali vs. Artur ProninGozali sub (heel hook) 4:12 R1.
Austin Vanderford vs. Grachik BozinyanVanderford UD 29-28 X3.
Olga Rubin vs. Sinead KavanaghKavanagh TKO 4:37 R2.
Adam Keresh vs. Vladimir FedinKeresh KO 3:29 R1.
Robson Gracie Jr. vs. Ameer BashirGracie sub (triangle) 4:39 R1.
Eli Aronov vs. Sari HleihilAronov SD 30-26, 27-28, 30-26.
Kirill Medvedovsky vs. Akhmed FararzhaMedvedovsky sub (guillotine) 0:46 R2.
Nika Ben Tuashy vs. Rafael Aronovcanceled (Tuashy ACL injury).
Tomer Maslis vs. David MalkaMaslis TKO 1:32 R3.
Artem Kazartsev vs. Ron BeckerBecker TKO 2:57 R1.
Noam Voldman vs. Nizim RosalesVoldman SD 30-27, 28-29, 29-28.
Raz Bring vs. Nazariy DanylyukBring UD 30-26, 30-27, 29-28.
Gustavo Wurlitzer vs. Vugar KeramovKeramov KO 1:29 R1.
Elias Mamadov vs. Itay Tratnersplit draw 28-27, 28-29, 28-28.
Illia Hladkii vs. Simon SmotritskySmotritsky TKO 2:10 R1.
Mikail Dulgher vs. Ofir LeibelDulgher UD 30-27 X2, 29-28.
Maksym Tkachuk vs. Ben CohenCohen sub (RNC) 3:17 R1.
Itay Lipszyc vs. Itzik YakobovLipszyc sub (ankle lock) 2:52 R1.


Sergei Kharitonov vs. Linton Vassell

Vassell has the red trunks and blue gloves for this fight with a record of 18-8, 1 NC. Kharitonov has the black trunks and red gloves with a record of 30-7, 2 NC, unbeaten in his last eight fights. Kharitonov is 39, Vassell 36, both men are 6’4” but Vassell has a 6.5” reach advantage at 80.5”. Vassell fights out of Milton Keynes, England. Kharitonov fights out of Moscow, Russia. The referee for our main event is Todd Anderson.

Round 1: Kharitonov is walking Vassell down immediately but eating some quick kicks to the left leg as a result. Vassell circles on the outside as Kharitonov moves forward and throws a body kick. Vassell continues to tag Kharitonov with the leg kicks and move to his left. Vassell shoots at 1:45 and puts Kharitonov on the cage. Kharitonov gets a warning for grabbing the fence and Vassell drags him to the ground at 2:10. Vassell tries to move to take the back but Kharitonov has control of his left leg. Anderson warns Vassell to not hit the back of Kharitonov’s head. Kharitonov tries to get up at 3:20. That gives Vassell a better position from behind to fire shots at Kharitonov’s head. Knees to the body and legs from behind. Vassell keeps one hook in and pummels Kharitonov until the bell. 10-9 Vassell.

Round 2: Kharitonov has not changed his strategy at all. He’s still trying to walk Vassell down and fire right hands. Vassell shoots and gets the takedown at 33 seconds. He’s in half guard immediately and full mount at 1:18 looking to posture up. Kharitonov rolls and gives up his back, and Vassell starts laying in heavy leather from behind with his hooks in. He flattens Kharitonov out at 2:06. Left hands are being blocked for a while but eventually Vassell starts to double up with lefts and rights and Anderson is warning him to fight back. This could be over quickly. “You gotta move Sergei!” And just like that it’s over.

Final result: Linton Vassell wins by technical knockout at 3:15 in round two.

Roger Huerta vs. Sidney Outlaw

Outlaw has the black trunks with white trim, blue gloves, and a pro record of 13-3 with an eight fight winning streak. Huerta has white trunks, red gloves, and a record of 24-11-1, 1 NC. Outlaw fights out of Coconut Creek, Florida. Huerta fights out of Phuket, Thailand. The referee in charge is Mike Beltran.

Round 1: Gloves are trapped to start the fight. Outlaw goes hard for a takedown, gets a leg high in the air, and takes Huerta down at 18 seconds. Huerta tries to keep it chest to chest so Outlaw can’t posture up to do damage. Outlaw looks to pass at 1:25 and eventually gets half guard.Left hands connect with his head. Huerta is able to push him back into his butterfly guard at 3:03. Outlaw goes for a back mount, then for half guard, but Huerta gets back up with 90 seconds left. Huerta is on top of Outlaw briefly but he gets up and takes Huerta back down at 4:07. He tries to take the back, winds up in side control, moving up high late as though he wants an arm triangle. 10-9 Outlaw.

Round 2: Huerta is taken down eight seconds into R2. He’s trying to land hammerfists and elbows off his back until Outlaw spins to take his back, but Huerta gets back to his feet in the process. Both men size each other up and throw feints. Outlaw shoots on a kick and gets a takedown at 1:52. He settles in on top in full guard as Huerta flails around. Outlaw gets back up at 3:31. He takes Huerta back down at 3:50. Beltran stands them up with short time left and Outlaw gets another takedown. 10-9 Outlaw.

Round 3: Huerta crouches down and tries to jab his way into range, although the hard shots from Outlaw make him step back and reset. Huerta keeps trying to step forward and land the right hand, connecting with a leg kick. Outlaw’s counter right makes him step back again. Body kick by Outlaw. Huerta throws a kick and Outlaw catches it to take him down again at 1:33. Beltran calls for improvement a minute later. Huerta scrambles back to his feet at 2:50, throws a kick, and Outlaw takes him down AGAIN nine seconds later straight into side control. Huerta scrambles to his feet at 3:22. Outlaw takes him down 27 seconds later. I think you know how this is going and where it’s going. 10-9 Outlaw.

Final result: Sidney Outlaw wins a unanimous decision of 30-27 X2, 29-28.

Aviv Gozali vs. Zaka Fatullazade

Fatullazade has black trunks with gold trim and blue gloves for this fight with a pro record of 14-8 and hails from the Uktraine. Gozali has blue trunks with red gloves and a pro record of 3-0. Like his father he fights out of Bat Yam, Israel. The referee is Todd Anderson.

Round 1: Gozali quickly comes forward striking and grabs clinch to throw knees. Fatullazade throws a kick and Gozali immediately takes him to the ground. Gozali spins into position for the anaconda choke and Fatullazade is tapping multiple times before the ref sees it.

Final result: Aviv Gozali wins via submission (anaconda choke) at 0:56 in round one.

Haim Gozali vs. Artur Pronin

Black trunks and blue gloves for the 16-3 Pronin. Blue/white trunks and red gloves for the 11-6 Gozali. Pronin fights out of Moscow, Russia. Gozali fights out of Bat Yam, Israel. The referee in charge is Mike Beltran.

Round 1: Glove tap starts things off before Pronin throws a few leg kicks. He tries a spinning wheel kick kick that misses. Gozali takes his back and takes him to the ground. Pronin tries and fails to sweep. Gozali gets mount at 58 seconds. Pronin sweeps again and Gozali starts to set up a triangle. Pronin tries to spin free but Gozali traps a leg and goes for the leg lock. Pronin breaks free and gets on top in full guard. The crowd is chanting loudly for Gozali. He starts to set up the triangle again. Pronin pulls out at 2:20 and forces Gozali to stand up. The two exchange a high-five. Leg kicks for Pronin. Jabs for Gozali. Gozali pushes Pronin to the fence and pulls guard to put Pronin on top. Pronin slams his way out and then tries to jump off the cage before letting Gozali back up. Pronin goes for a takedown and gets it at 3:30. Gozali traps an arm then transitions to a heel hook that Pronin taps to.

Final result: Haim Gozali wins via submission (heel hook) at 4:12 in round one.

Austin Vanderford vs. Grachik Bozinyan

Bozinyan has the blue gloves and black trunks with a pro record of 10-3 for his Bellator MMA debut. Vanderford has the blue-green trunks and red gloves with an undefeated 8-0 record. Bozinyan fights out of Yan Oya, Russia. Vanderford fights out of Portland, Oregon. The referee is Jason Herzog.

Round 1: Vanderford opens with a leg kick. Bozinyan throws a body kick. Bozinyan paws at the range with his left. Vanderford throws another leg kick. Bozinyan fires his own leg kick. Vanderford charges and misses with a looping right. A leg kick and a right hand from Bozinyan. A spinning backfist connects. Vanderford dives for the legs and misses, and Bozinyan tries to take the back. Vanderford gets to his feet at 2:05. Vanderford’s high kick is checked. Bozinyan stalks him as Vanderford tries his own backfist and misses. Leg kick for Bozinyan. Vanderford misses with the left kick high. Two minutes left. Low kick Bozinyan. Left hook misses for Vanderford. Vanderford connects with an overhand right. Vanderford charges and Bozinyan avoids most of the shots. Leg kick for Vanderford. High kick from Bozinyan is checked. Hard right jab and left hook from Bozinyan. 10-9 Bozinyan.

Round 2: Tap of gloves. Left from Vanderford. Leg kick Vanderford. Bozinyan throws a combo. Body kick for Vanderford. Leg kick for Bozinyan. Vanderford lands a body kick and a hook. Bozinyan misses with a right. Vanderford makes Bozinyan stumble with a low kick. That lead left leg for Bozinyan is hurting. He’s having a hard time putting his weight on it. Vanderford jumps forward with a left hook. Vanderford comes forward swinging and gets a takedown at 3:28. He grinds away on top in guard for the rest of the frame. 10-9 Vanderford.

Round 3: Leg kick for Vanderford. Bozinyan misses with a jab. Bozinyan charges forward and misses as he approaches the camera. Vanderford goes hard to the body and misses with the overhand right. Bozinyan jabs with his left. His high kick is blocked. Vanderford throws a leg kick and gets a takedown at 1:22. He’s in full guard. He steps over to half with just under half the round left. Bozinyan kicks him away and back to full guard throwing hammerfists from his back. Vanderford steps over to half again at 3:09 and fires off left hands. Left elbows to the chin. He briefly considers moving to side control or full mount and steps back into half to grind out the fight. 10-9 Vanderford.

Final result: Austin Vanderford defeats Grachik Bozinyan via unanimous decision 29-28 X3.

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