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Video: Derrick Lewis, mattress shill, has officially peaked

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If Gallery Furniture has a mattress that can withstand the prodigious girth of UFC heavyweight contender Derrick Lewis, then color me interested. Though I’m pretty sure “Black Beast” is getting a new dining room set at no cost after this little endorsement.

Watching Lewis try to keep a straight face is pure comedy.

If “Mattress Mack” looks familiar it’s probably because you’ve seen him in the headlines over the last few weeks. He bet $12 million on Houston Astros to win the World Series and well ... let’s just say he’s got a lot of ottomans to sell if he plans on seeing the black in 2020.

As for Lewis, he’s fresh off his Blagoy Ivanov win at UFC 244 earlier this month in New York City, one that snapped a two-fight losing streak. That left “Black Beast” sitting at No. 5 in the heavyweight rankings (see them here).

And just for the record, Mattress Mack ain’t got nothin’ on Crazy Eddie (except a clean criminal record).

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