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Jon Jones blasts Dominick Reyes: ‘Now you’re going to show this fake ass respect?’

Don’t get it twisted, Dominick Reyes. Just because light heavyweight kingpin Jon Jones deigned to grant you a title shot does not mean he likes you. ”Bones” made that abundantly clear after Reyes switched gears on social media from aggressive posturing to fawning respect and admiration.

Reyes shared a photoshoped image of himself facing off against Jones, along with a recent Jones tweet that read “Just finished a coaches meeting studying Dominick Reyes and Cory [Anderson]’s careers. Established Dominick’s definitely the more dangerous fighter. Beating his ass next.”

”A champion so great, he is now going to be fighting the first of the next generation!” Reyes wrote. “It’s such an honor and I can’t wait for my crack at the king in the octagon.”

”You started this whole thing talking about party favors and now you’re going to show this fake ass respect?” Jones responded. “Serious question Dominic, what exactly is so next generation about you or your fighting style? You’re a new name, that’s the only thing different about you.”

Oh snizzap.

Jones is referring to Reyes’ victory speech over Chris Weidman, where he declared “Hey Jon, I don’t want any party favors, man. I want that belt. Let’s go!”

As usual, people wanting to fight Jones just can’t help but bring up his much rumored love of cocaine. At this point it sounds like Jon is sick of it ... or at least sick of people who jump back and forth between “Yo Jon you’re the greatest, I love u champ,” and “Hey Jon you a crackhead coward!”

Can’t say we blame him.

There’s no date set for the clash between Jones and Reyes but Dana White has said Reyes is next in line and “Bones” has given his blessing to the bout on Twitter. We’d be shocked if this didn’t happen by the end of February.

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