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UFC Fight Night 162 results: Demian Maia submits Ben Askren for first time ever in Singapore

Demian Maia and Ben Askren faced each other in a Welterweight clash today (Sat., Oct. 18, 2019) at UFC Fight Night 162, which took place inside Singapore Indoor Arena in Kallang, Singapore. It was a grueling bout, but Maia ultimately pulled off the upset via submission (watch highlights).

Maia connected first with a couple left hands. Askren reached for the clinch, but his first attempt was denied. Askren managed to grab onto Maia next time, but the Brazilian scored some knees and broke away. Hard left hand connected for Maia. Askren used the threat of the guillotine choke to land a good knee. Another left hand connected for Maia. One more, and this one may have stumbled his foe slightly. Askren landed some uppercuts in the clinch. Good body kick landed from Maia. Askren scored his first takedown of the fight with 40 seconds remaining, and Maia immediately began working his butterfly guard. The round ended with Askren sprawled on top of Maia, denying his sweep attempt.

Askren landed a kick and couple quick rights to start the second round. Maia continued to stick his foe with long lefts, though some of the steam seemed to have fallen off the punch. A couple harder lefts connected for Maia as Askren pushed forward, but the Brazilian was bleeding. Askren landed a big combination, set up by a series of jab. Left overhand connected for Maia. Maia stuck his foe with a jab. Askren scored another takedown with just over a minute remaining. Maia attempted a triangle and used an omoplata to sweep his foe just seconds later! Maia smash passed his way into mount, but Askren scrambled back into top position when Maia attempted a kimura.

Maia opened the third round with a few left hands and denied his foe’s takedown attempt. Askren secured a powerful body lock takedown into side control. Maia scrambled back to his feet rather quickly. Askren landed a body kick. Hard knee to the body landed for Maia. Hard left connected for Maia. Askren landed a single leg takedown, but Maia swept him with a heel hook! Maia moved into mount quickly, taking the back when Askren turned away. Askren focused on controlling one hand, but the other sunk under the neck! By the time Askren adjusted, the choke was far too deep, and Askren went to sleep.

This was really an incredible win for Maia, particularly at 41 years of age. It was both a grappling classic and blood-and-guts battle — a great feather in the Brazilian’s cap! As for Askren, it’s a really disastrous outcome, a bad sign for his immediate UFC future.

Result: Demian Maia defeats Ben Askren via rear-naked-choke at 3:54 of round three

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