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Bellator 232 results: ‘MacDonald vs Lima 2’ streaming play-by-play updates

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Bellator 232
MacDonald vs Lima 2
Bellator MMA

Bellator 232: “MacDonald vs. Lima 2” airs TONIGHT (Sat., Oct. 26, 2019) from Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Conn., streaming live via Paramount Network and DAZN. The finals of the Welterweight Grand Prix are on tap as champion Rory MacDonald (21-5-1) faces the man he beat for the title in Douglas Lima (31-7).

Bellator 232’s main card will start at 10 p.m. ET on DAZN with “Prelims” undercard bouts at 7:15 p.m. ET on DAZN (watch it). will deliver results and play-by-play for the entirety of the Bellator MMA card.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 232) about the bouts and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it’s always a lot of fun!


Rory MacDonald vs. Douglas LimaLima UD 49-46, 50-45 X2 — HIGHLIGHTS!
Paul Daley vs. Saad AwadDaley TKO 1:30 R2.
Patrick Mix vs. Isaiah ChapmanMix sub (Suloev) 3:49 R1.
Nick Newell vs. Manny MuroMuro SD 29-28, 27-29, 29-28.
Kevin Ferguson Jr. vs. Craig CampbellFerguson Jr. TKO 0:38 R1.
Marcus Surin vs. Devin PowellPowell tech. sub (front choke) 5:00 R2.
Zarrukh Adashev vs. Tevin DyceAdashev TKO 1:39 R2.
Demetrios Plaza vs. Ryan EvansEvans sub (RNC) 3:03 R3.
Lance Gibson Jr. vs. Dominic JonesGibson Jr. TKO 1:58 R1.
John Douma vs. Jornel LugoLugo UD 30-26, 30-27 X2.
Jonathan Lopez vs. Dan CormierLopez UD 29-28, 30-27 X2.


Rory MacDonald vs. Douglas Lima

The champ MacDonald is 21-5-1 in the red gloves and matching trunks. The former champion Lima is 31-7 in the blue gloves and green trunks. MacDonald is 30, Lima 31. 6’0” to 6’1”. 76” reach from MacDonald, 74.5” for Lima. Lima fights out of Atlanta, GA. MacDonald fights out of Montreal, Canada. The referee for the main event is Keith Peterson.

Round 1: Lima and MacDonald circle each other for 40 seconds and the crowd gets a little impatient. Lima lands a leg kick. Lima paws with the left hand. Body kick for Lima. Left hand and front kick from MacDonald. Front kick for Lima. Combo for MacDonald. 2:30. Crowd is booing 10 seconds later. MacDonald goes for a single leg and Lima survives it and gets his back on the fence. It’s a stalemate there. MacDonald nearly had the takedown at 4:10 but Lima rebounded off the fence. Lima kind of shrugs like well, what else can I do here if you won’t separate us? And there’s the bell. 10-9 Lima? It’s not definitive either way.

Round 2: MacDonald with a kick. Lima continually comes forward. MacDonald circles to his right and throws a low kick. Leg kick by Lima at 1:17. Crowd is restless at 1:30. Lima misses with a left but connects with a kick. Body kick for Lima. Kick from Lima. Lima keeps backing MacDonald up. More booing at 2:40. MacDonald shoots. Lima gets his back on the cage again. Lima breaks free at 3:14. Left jab right hook for Lima. MacDonald’s left jab is blocked twice. Lima lands a solid right hook. Lima pops the left jab and snaps MacDonald’s head back. Kick for Lima. 10-9 Lima. A much more solid round for the former champ.

Round 3: Another takedown attempt is stuffed in the first minute. MacDonald lands a right hand and Lima answers with a left. MacDonald shoots again at 1:20 and wants a single leg badly but once again Lima gets to the fence. MacDonald fires knees at close quarters. Lima pushes off for a clean break at 2:13 and immediately pops the left jab. MacDonald fails another takedown attempt and misses with a right kick high. MacDonald to the body at 3:02. Leg kick for Lima. Front kick and leg kick by Lima. Leg kick by MacDonald. Crowd booing a bit at 3:53. Combo by Lima as a LET’S GO LI-MA chant breaks out. MacDonald is stuffed again at 4:35. MacDonald with a combo. Lima blocks the next one with his hands. 10-9 for Lima.

Round 4: Lima momentarily has MacDonald hurt at 35 seconds of R4 with the left hook.. The leg kicks are eating his left leg up. Left hands are coming with power and impunity. Right jab. MacDonald shoots, Lima sprawls and blocks it at 1:55. MacDonald eats a shot getting back up. MacDonald misses with a spinning backfist. His takedown is stuffed at 2:39 and Lima nails him with a head kick when he gets back up. They clinch on the fence. Lima gets the underhooks and turns MacDonald around, firing a knee up the middle. MacDonald turns him back. Keith Peterson looks on as the camera tries to get a close up on the bruising for MacDonald’s leg. MacDonald misses with a spin strike as he moves away. Leg kick for Lima with 30 seconds left. MacDonald’s high kick is checked. 10-9 Lima.

Round 5: Even if you scored the first round for Lima, MacDonald is still in a big 3-1 hole. He eats a left hand, goes for a single leg, gets swept and Lima is immediately on top in guard. MacDonald is trying to hang on and use the butterfly guard but he’s not scoring any offense while he’s playing defense. Lima pops him with an elbow. MacDonald tries for an armbar and Lima just bombs him into the canvas and takes his back to fire shots the head from behind. Hammerfists and big rights. MacDonald rolls onto his back. 1:45 left. Lima stands up and drops a straight right down, then gets back in full guard with another right. MacDonald sweeps and gets on top with 45 seconds left but he’s not landing any damage. The crowd is booing as a result. 10-9 Lima. Even if you score R1 and R5 for MacDonald, Lima still wins.

Final result: The judges score it 49-46, 50-45 and 50-45 all for Douglas Lima.

Paul Daley vs. Saad Awad

Awad is 23-12 in the blue gloves and red trunks. Daley is 41-17-2 in the red gloves and matching trunks. Both men are 36 years old. Daley has a two inch reach advantage at 76”. Awad fights out of San Bernardino, CA. Daley fights out of Nottingham, England. Our referee in charge is Kevin MacDonald.

Round 1: No glove tap. Awad with a leg kick, and another, and another. Daley calmly stalks Awad as he circles on the outside. Awad misses on a takedown and goes right to his back. Daley kicks him in the legs a couple of times until Awad is stood up at 1:23. Awad lands a right hand. Awad shoots again at 1:44, gets stuffed, and Daley lets him back up. Front kick by Awad. 1-2 comb and leg kick by Daley. Awad clinches with him. They break at 2:14. Leg kick by Awad. Daley misses with a big left hook. Uppercut for Daley. Two stiff rights from Awad. Head kick by Daley. Leg kick by Daley. Front kick by Awad. Knee from Daley. Awad pushes him to the fence. They break at 4:15. Daley lands a reverse elbow and charges in. Awad goes to his back and gets a warning not to grab the fence. He throws upkicks and Daley goes to his back to pound the ribs. Awad with a reverse elbow too. 10-9 Daley.

Round 2: Daley is trying to throw bombs and slips to his back. He gets back up at 36 seconds but Awad is all over him trying to bring him back down. He jumps to the back at 53 seconds trying to get one hook in and loses it. He goes for it again but Daley swings free at 1:08. He comes forward and lands a hard body shot, making Awad backpedal and reset. Daley drops him with a left and finishes with hammerfists at 90 seconds.

Final result: Paul Daley via technical knockout at 1:30 of the second round.

Patrick Mix vs. Isaiah Chapman

Chapman is 9-3 in the blue gloves and black trunks, fighting out of Akron, Ohio. Mix is 11-0 in the red gloves and gray trunks, fighting out of Angola, New York. Our referee in charge of this fight is Todd Anderson.

Round 1: Mix throws a high kick right away and gets a takedown to side control at 14 seconds. He quickly takes the back and gets one hook in. He gets the second hook in for a body triangle and fires off right hands as Chapman tries to get back up. Lefts and rights rain down as Mix sits on his back and Chapman stays on his knees. Elbow to the head. Mix pulls him backward looking for a rear naked choke. Chapman rolls and Mix rolls with him. Mix works for a guillotine choke but lets it go. Left hands from behind. Mix goes for the Suloev stretch when Chapman tries to stand up and gets the tap at 3:49.

Final result: Patrick Mix via submission (Suloev stretch) at 3:49 of round one.

Nick Newell vs. Manny Muro

Muro is 10-6 in the blue gloves and black trunks. Newell is 16-2 in the red gloves and gray trunks. Muro hails from Anadarko, Oklahoma and Newell hails from Milford, CT. The referee in charge for this fight is Dan Miragliotta.

Round 1: Muro comes out throwing left hooks and Newell is responding with rights. Newell drives Muro into the fence. Muro hits a takedown and Newell pops right up. Newell traps Muro’s head and pulls him down to the ground looking for a choke. Muro pops out at 2:34 but Newell is on top in half throwing elbows and right hands. Newell jumps to the back and gets one hook in. Newell switches to full mount as hits some more left elbows. He takes the back again with 35 seconds left. Muro gets on top at 4:46. 10-9 Newell.

Round 2: Both men clinch up right away. Muro has Newell’s back to the fence. Newell reverses it into a takedown and goes for the back at 54 seconds, moving quickly to get one hook in. Muro stands up at 90 seconds and Newell rides his back. Newell slides around to the front and drops levels for a takedown. Muro widens his stance and Newell goes for a single leg. Newell drops levels and Muro looks to take the back. Newell stays trying to pick the ankle until Muro stands back up at 3:56. Muro tries to take the back and Newell stands back up again. Muro tries and fails to trip him but does land a sold right hand. Newell takes the back late but it’s a close 10-9 for Muro.

Round 3: Muro pushes Newell into the fence immediately and gets the takedown at 23 seconds. Newell gets back up at 38 seconds. Newell turns around to get chest to chest at 56 seconds and Muro lets a knee go. Takedown by Muro at 1:45 after eating a few rights to the head. Muro goes for the back and briefly has one hook in until Newell stands back up. Muro pulls him down from behind at 2:29. Muro loses position, Newell gets up, and Muro gets him down again with one hook in. Muro has both hooks in and is rolling with Newell, fishing for a possible submission and landing lefts and rights. Newell stands up at 4:28 carrying Muro’s weight. Muro takes him down again and is on top at the bell. 10-9 Muro. It all hinges on how the second round was scored.

Final result: Muro wins a split decision of 29-28, 27-29 and 29-28.

Kevin Ferguson Jr. vs. Craig Campbell

Blue gloves and purple trunks for the 3-3 Campbell. Red gloves and trunks for the 3-2 Ferguson. Ferguson has a 3.5” reach advantage at 71.5”. Campbell fights out of Texarkana, AR. Ferguson fights out of Long Beach, CA. The referee in charge is Bryan Miner.

Round 1: Glove tap. Ferguson immediately lets a left jab and a combo go. Campbell presses forward. Ferguson lands a leg kick and another that Campbell tries to grab. Ferguson pounds and elbows on his head and he gets the stoppage at 38 seconds.

Final result: Kevin Ferguson Jr. via technical knockout at 0:38 of round one.

Marcus Surin vs. Devin Powell

Powell is out first in the blue gloves and CRNR trunks. Surin has the gray trunks and red gloves. Powell is 9-4, Surin 6-1. “Everything else is virtually identical” save for Surin being seven years older at the age of 38. Powell fights out of South Berwick, ME. Surin fights out of Spring Valley, NY. The referee in charge is Kevin MacDonald.

Round 1: Glove tap. Leg kicks are traded. Powell misses with a high kick. Surin ties him up and trips him to the ground but Powell rolls through to the top and gets back up. Surin pushes him into the fence and lands a right elbow. Takedown at 1:22 to full mount. Surin purposefully moves back to full guard and stands back up. Powell gets up at 2:05. They clinch and Surin takes him down again at 2:29 and is in full guard. He avoids the upkicks but gets swept as he tries to pass and Powell has his neck. Powell loses it at 3:30. Surin sweeps back on top. Surin passes to half but Powell sweeps to take the back. Surin stands up and eats some hard shots and elbows with a head kick at the end. Surin takes him back down at 4:45. Powell is landing shots off his back. 10-9 Powell.

Round 2: Surin goes for the takedown at 18 seconds, Powell is momentarily on top, Surin recovers and gets full mount. Powell gets him back to guard and Surin stands up to force Powell to do the same. Powell tries to walk him down throwing rights. Surin clinches with him and goes to the cage. Surin takes him down at 1:46. Powell gets a 50/50 position and goes for the omoplata. Surin breaks it. Both men continue to roll on the ground looking for an advantageous position. Once again Powell is landing the better shots off his back with hammerfists and nearly secured an inverted triangle. Surin backs up at 4:00 and Powell is stood up six seconds later. Elbow head kick right nad body kicks from Powell. Right elbow. Surin goes for a single leg but Powell goes for a front choke in response. Surin gives a thumbs up to the ref. Surin went out cold before the bell and was trying to fight the ref when he woke up after it. This fight is over!

Final result: Devin Powell via technical submission (front choke) at 5:00 of round two.

Zarrukh Adashev vs. Tevin Dyce

Green trunks and blue gloves for Dyce, sporting a pro record of 3-1, fighting out of Bronx, NY. White trunks and red gloves for Adashev, sporting a pro record of 2-1, fighting out of Brooklyn, NY. The referee in charge is Keith Peterson.

Round 1: Glove tap. Dyce throws the first kick. Adashev comes forward and lands a hard left hand. Dyce responds by trying to get a takedown but gets thrown to the ground instead. He lunges in again at 40 seconds and Adashev throws him down a second time. The third time Adashev takes his back gets both hooks in and starts pummeling Dyce with right hands and elbows. Dyce gets back to his feet at 1:25 and gets a takedown. Adashev pops right up. Dyce goes for the takedown and Adashev lands on top and goes for an armbar. He can’t get it and Dyce stacks him up. Adashev winds up on top in full mount and Dyce gives up his back. Adashev falls off but winds up back on top in North-South. Two minutes left. Adashev backs up at 3:08 and forces the stand up. Leg kicks from Adashev and a right hand. Dyce shoots and is initially stuffed with a sprawl. Dyce pushes him into the fence but Adashev maintains a front headlock. Dyce falls down and Adashev is on his back throwing rights. Dyce gets to his feet and Adashev drags him to the ground. He has side control with 15 seconds left. 10-9 Adashev.

Round 2: Adashev comes forward with multiple combos and Dyce is getting hurt. Dyce tries to answer with a takedown and Adashev sprawls. Adashev gets on top blasting him with rights and lets Dyce back up at 46 seconds. More hard hands and another single leg attempt in response. Adashev punishes Dyce when he tries to stand up and continues to blast him with combos. Peterson waves off the fight when Dyce is clearly staggered on his feet and not defending intelligently.

Final result: Zarrukh Adashev wins via technical knockout at 1:39 of round two.

Demetrios Plaza vs. Ryan Evans

Black trunks and blue gloves for Evans, 0-1. Black trunks with red trim and red gloves for Plaza, 1-0. Evans fights out of Bohemia, NY. Plaza fights out of Wappingers Falls, NY. The referee in charge is Todd Anderson.

Round 1: Glove tap. Kicks traded both ways. Body kick and jab by Evans. Evans clinches and pushes Plaza into the fence. They spin around at 59 seconds but Evans doesn’t get him down. Plaza tries to peel him off. Evans goes for a leg. They step to the right. Evans goes for a double and Plaza tries to sprawl but Evans gets it anyway. Plaza gets back up at 2:12. Evans drags him down and he pops right back up. Evans goes for double and gets it at 2:38. He’s on top in full guard. Plaza goes for a triangle and armbar but didn’t have it secured and Evans just puts him back on the mat. He goes for it again at 3:54. Evans gets him down again on top in half. All the offense was Plaza’s even off his back so he gets the 10-9.

Round 2: Kick for Plaza to open R2. Body shot. Left hook. Leg kick. Evans is taken down at 0:25. Plaza is in half guard but Evans is keeping things chest to chest. Plaza jumps position and almost gets caught in an armbar. He moves to side control and lands a nice elbow. North-South for Plaza. Body shot. Plaza spins to take the back and gets one hook in. He’s got both at 2:50. Evans spins his way free and they end up 50/50. Evans is on top at 3:36 but not in control. More work is called for at 4:10 as the crowd boos their pitter-pat body shots. Plaza goes for a triangle and Evans breaks free and stands in front of him kicking the legs as the crowd boos. Plaza is stood up with 10 seconds left. Knees punches and a takedown from Plaza. 10-9 Plaza.

Round 3: Glove tap. Head kick from Plaza. Big overhand right from Plaza and Evans is hurt. Strangely Plaza shoots and gives Evans time to recover. Evans pushes him into the cage looking for a takedown of his own. He has it at 57 seconds. Evans moves to full mount and takes the back. Evans is fishing for a rear naked choke. Plaza taps out at 3:03.

Final result: Ryan Evans via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:03 of the third round.

Lance Gibson Jr. vs. Dominic Jones

Green trunks and red gloves for Gibson, 2-0 out of Port Moody, Canada. Blue gloves and black trunks for Jones, 2-2 out of Jacksonville, FL. The referee in charge is Bryan Miner.

Round 1: Glove tap. Gibson comes forward early. He gets tagged with a right and Jones closes the distance. Jones has to break free though as Gibson was pushing him around. Gibson pushes him into the fence and throws multiple knees. Good clinch boxing from both. Jones shoots, Gibson sprawls, then spins to take the back with both hooks in and flatten Jones out. Big lefts and rights and Miner waves it off at 1:58.

Final result: Lance Gibson Jr. via technical knockout at 1:58 of round one.

John Douma vs. Jornel Lugo

Lugo sports the silver trunks and blue gloves, hailing from Waterbury, CT with a pro record of 2-0. John Douma is in the black trunks and red gloves, hailing from Providence, RI with a pro record of 4-1. Lugo fights out of West Palm Beach, Florida. Douma fights out of Narragansett, Rhode Island. The referee in charge is Keith Peterson.

Round 1: Lugo moves to the outside circle and feels out the range with his left hand, keeping his right hand cocked and his stance leaning forward. Douma follows him side to side trying to zing his right hand but gets hurt instead. He goes for a takedown against the fence and gets it at 1:49 but Lugo is right back to his feet. He jumps to the back at 2:11 and pushes Lugo down but he gets back up right at the halfway point. Now it’s Douma circling on the outside as Lugo stalks hi and lands a head kick followed by a knee to the body. Lugo continues to attack with the right. Douma shoots, Lugo sprawls, and Lugo punishes Douma when he gets back up. Lugo’s right hand lands almost at will. Body kick. 10-9 Lugo.

Round 2: Lugo tried to pick up his mouthpiece and got cocked with a right hand for his trouble. The ref calls time to get it and reset the fighters. Lugo throws a body kick and a leg kick. He jabs with the left hand. Douma has a bloody nose. He pushes Lugo to the fence. Lugo escapes the single leg and blasts Douma with a right. Left jab. Miss with the overhand right. The next one lands at 2:06. Body shot. Overhand right. Body shot. Douma is getting picked apart. Lugo initiated a clinch but then backs up to reset. Straight right. Hard left jab snaps Douma’s head back. Douma ducks under a shot and clinches. Lugo spins free at 3:59. Left jab. Straight left, overhand right, body shot. Douma is hurting. 10-9 Lugo. If he had a knockdown I would have said 10-8. He even landed a flying knee before the bell.

Round 3: Glove tap. Lugo with the overhand right and leg kick. Kick. Left jab. Right. Douma lands a right. Left to the body from Lugo. Douma gets a takedown at 1:25 and is in guard. Lugo spins free at 1:48 and gets back up. Lugo circles on the outside and then lets his hands and feet go. 1-2. Left hand. Two overhand rights. Douma clinches and Lugo breaks it easily. Douma’s single leg is shrugged off. Douma swings and misses. Lugo tags him going backward. Douma misses with a front kick. Douma falls down on a body kick and gets more combos getting up. 10-9 Lugo.

Final result: Jornel Lugo wins a unanimous decision of 30-26, 30-27 X2.

Jonathan Lopez vs. Dan Cormier

Cormier (no not that one) has the silver and red trunks, blue gloves, and a pro record of 8-9. Lopez is 11-4 in the black trunks and red gloves. 14 of Lopez’ fights have all been in the Mohegan Sun Arena. He has a three inch reach advantage at 66”. Cormier fights out of Providence, RI. Lopez fights out of Meriden, CT. The referee in charge is Kevin MacDonald.

Round 1: Glove tap. Leg kick for Cormier. Lopez responds in kind. Cormier is knocked down at 45 seconds. McCarthy thinks it may have been a headbutt instead of a strike. Lopez fishes for a submission and ends up in half guard. Cormier has a big goose egg over his right eye which may be indicative of the head butt. 2:30 gone. Lopez gets side control at 2:55. Cormier gets him back to full guard at 3:50. Lopez backs up at 4:08 then jumps back on top. Lopez steps over to half. He backs off with 10 seconds left. 10-9 Lopez.

Round 2: Leg kick and knee from Cormier. He slips on a flying kick and Lopez drives him to the fence when he gets back up. Knees against the cage. Lefts to the head. Knees go back and forth. Cormier breaks free and misses with an elbow. Leg kick for Lopez. Cormier slips again but quickly recovers. Spinning backfist misses for Cormier. Front kick for Lopez. Body kick. Leg kick for Cormier and one back in return. Hard right hand for Cormier. Head kick for Lopez. Lopez with a flying knee but he eats a solid right. Lopez shoots and gets a takedown at 4:46. 10-9 Cormier.

Round 3: Glove tap and hug. Leg kick for Cormier. Both men trade hands at 0:28. Cormier tries to force Lopez to the fence. He grabs the plum and gets off one knee before they’re chest to chest. Foot stomps and knees from Cormier. Lopez turns him around and brings a knee up. Lopez takes him down at 1:47. He’s looking to posture up and do damage. Short elbow. 2:30. Left elbow to the chin. Lopez is in side control throwing knees to the body. 90 seconds. Cormier starts to wall walk and takes a knee to the body. He’s up at 4:12 and dragged right back down. Lopez goes for a knee bar but almost gives up a submission in the process as they end up in a 50/50 position. 10-9 Lopez.

Final result: Johnny Lopez via unanimous decision of 29-28 and 30-27 X2.

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