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Bellator 231 results: ‘Mir vs Nelson 2’ streaming play-by-play updates

Mir vs Nelson 2
Bellator 231
Bellator MMA

Bellator 231: “Mir vs. Nelson 2” airs TONIGHT (Fri., Oct. 25, 2019) from Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Conn., via Paramount Network and DAZN. The Heavyweight rematch this evening will see former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) champion Frank Mir (18-13) face “Big Country” Roy Nelson (23-17) in the main event.

Bellator 231’s main card will start at 9 p.m. ET on Paramount Network with “Prelims” undercard bouts at 6 p.m. ET on the Bellator mobile app. will deliver results and play-by-play for the entirety of the Bellator MMA card below.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 231) about the bouts and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it’s always a lot of fun!


Frank Mir vs. Roy NelsonMir UD 30-27, 29-28 X2.
Phil Davis vs. Karl AlbrektssonDavis TKO 3:06 R3.
Ed Ruth vs. Jason JacksonRuth SD 28-29, 29-28 X2.
Bec Rawlings vs. Ilara JoanneJoanne sub (knee bar) 3:35 R2.
Jake Hager vs. Anthony GarrettNC (foul) 1:56 R1.
Tim Caron vs. Lucas BorgesCaron UD 29-28 X3.
Talita Nogueira vs. Jessy MieleMiele SD 30-27 X2, 28-29.
Steve Mowry vs. Gokhan SaricamMowry sub (kimura) 0:56 R2.
Dalton Rosta vs. Claude WilcoxRosta TKO 4:23 R2.
Elise Reed vs. Rebecca BryggmanReed TKO 4:48 R1.
Connor Dixon vs. Orkhan IsmatzadeDixon sub (kimura) 0:42 R1.
Jonathan Manley vs. Thiago OliveiraManley UD 30-27, 29-28 X2.
Mandel Nallo vs. Killys MotaMota TKO 1:16 R3.
Phumi Nkuta vs. Adrian HalyNkuta UD 30-27, 30-26 X2.


Frank Mir vs. Roy Nelson

Mir comes in 18-13 and Nelson 23-17 for this main event rematch. Nelson sports the blue gloves and black trunks for this fight. Mir has the red gloves and also sports black trunks. On the tale of the tape Mir is 40, Nelson 43. Mir is 6’3”, Nelson 6’0”. Mir has the 75” reach, Nelson 73”. Nelson fights out of Las Vegas, Nevada and Mir does as well. Our referee for the main event is Todd Anderson.

Round 1: Mir is working from the outside in the first 30 seconds. Nelson is leaning heavily on his right leg with his left leg stepping far forward, cocking and loading the right hand for as much power as he can bring when he swings it. Mir responds by kicking that left leg. Nelson goes to the body and the head then backs up to reset. Mir throws the leg kick again. And again. Nelson throws a leg kick of his own. Body shots from Nelson. Mir is warned to watch his fingers. Leg kick for Mir. Again. Left jab from Mir. Three minutes gone. Jab from Mir. Nelson throws a couple of overhand rights, only lands one. Nelson tries a jumping right hand. Mir tries a spin kick. Both men are warned about a head clash. Body kick for Mir. Left hand for Mir. Uppercut for Nelson. 10-9 Mir.

Round 2: Mir continues to attack the leg while Nelson is missing wildly with his shots. Nelson with a straight lead left. Nelson complains about a low blow and the referee says it hit your belly, not your cup, keep fighting. Nelson shoots, Mir stuffs it, and Mir waits for him to get upright so he doesn’t throw an illegal strike. Mir with a leg kick and a head kick. Mir with a left to the jaw. Nelson almost lands a clean uppercut — ALMOST. Leg kick by Mir. Mir drops Nelson to one knee with a kick. Nelson limps away after the next one. He almost submitted with his body language — he gave his back to his opponent and wasn’t looking at him whatsoever. Spin kick by Mir. Nelson tries to brawl and Mir grabs him and turns him around, popping him with a right before stepping back. Leg kick by Mir. 10-9 Mir.

Round 3: No matter how much Nelson’s left leg is hurting, he hasn’t switched up his stance for this round. Mir throws a head kick that’s partially checked, but the leg kick connects cleanly. One minute gone. Jab from Nelson. Leg kick from Nelson. The referee calls time as Mir threw a left kick South of the equator, but Nelson didn’t even seem to feel it. He’s getting a time out all the same. Mir is bleeding from a small cut on his right cheek as he respectfully listens to Anderson tell him to target Nelson more carefully, saying yes sir, thank you sir the whole time. Another leg kick from Nelson after the restart. Mir with one right back. Mir’s reminded to not “let that ride up” when he kicks the leg. Nelson goes for the right hand down the pipe. Three minutes gone. Right jab from Mir. Combo from Mir. Mir bulls forward and forces Nelson to backpedal on that bad wheel. Leg kick. Right hand. Right hand. Leg kick. Nelson whiffs on an overhand right. 60 seconds to go. Leg kick. Mir gets another warning to e careful. Nelson misses with a kick. Overhand right misses. Right hand lands. Nelson goes for a single leg takedown, then for a double, and he gets it with ten seconds left. It’s literally “too little too late.” 10-9 Mir.

Final result: Frank Mir wins 30-27, 29-28 X2 by unanimous decision.

Phil Davis vs. Karl Albrektsson

Albrektsson is 9-2 in the red trunks with blue gloves. Davis is 20-5 going into this fight with the red gloves and his traditional pink trunks. Both men stand 6’2” but Davis has a 2.5” reach advantage at 78”. Albrektsson fights out of Stockholm, Sweden. Davis fights out of San Diego, California. Our referee in charge is Kevin MacDonald.

Round 1: No glove tap. Albrektsson hits a couple of leg kicks. Both men trade right hands. Albrektsson catches a body kick and pushes to the fence but Davis grabs the neck for a potential guillotine. He lets it go at 1:20. Albrektsson catches another one but lets it go. Albrektsson with a left and Davis with a right. Albrektsson bobs up and down trying to get Davis to bite on a feint. Davis throws a pair of hard leg kicks. Davis takes Albrektsson down at 3:36. He tries to get back up, Davis gets one hook in, he gets back up and gets free at 4:04. 10-9 Davis.

Round 2: Albrektsson lands a decent body kick and a solid left jab in the first 75 seconds. Davis throws a looping left and closes the distance to look for a takedown. They break clean at 2:12. Davis drops Albrektsson with a right hand at 2:30 and takes his back when he gets back up. Davis gets him down at 3:27 and Albrektsson draws a warning for grabbing the fence when he tries to get back up. Davis drives some hard knees to the body while he has Albrektsson cradled on the ground. Albrektsson is standing with 20 seconds left but can’t break free until 7 seconds remain. Another 10-9 for Davis.

Round 3: Right hand and left jab early for Davis. Albrektsson misses with a high kick. He misses with an overhand right. Push kick from Bader, body shot, high kick. Left hand dazes Albrektsson, right hurts him, and Albrektsson sinks to his knees against the fence. Davis stands over him pouring it on, takes his back to drag him back to the ground, and lands numerous right hands to the head uncontested. This could get stopped soon if Albrektsson doesn’t start defending himself. Davis trips him when he tries to get up and pours on the left hands and elbows. Albrektsson is warned to fight back and it’s waved off at 3:06.

Final result: Phil Davis by technical knockout at 3:06 of the third round.

Ed Ruth vs. Jason Jackson

Ed Ruth is 7-1 in the black trunks and red gloves. Jason Jackson is 10-3 in the blue gloves and black trunks with red highlights, draped with the Jamaican flag over his shoulders on his way to the cage. Jackson fights out of Hollywood, Florida. Ruth fights out of San Jose, California. The referee is Keith Peterson.

Round 1: Friendly tap of gloves to start. Jackson is attacking hard and landing some big right hands, and at one point Ruth appears to be hurt. By 2:10 he appears to be recovered but it’s amazing he hasn’t shot for a takedown yet. Ruth continues to attack with body and leg kicks but he has to block a head kick and eats a big left hand in the process. Jackson is getting more confident with each minute though and throwing double jabs. Ruth finally shoots for the double and gets it at 3:45. Jackson gets back up but eats several hard right hands in the process. Body kick from Ruth. Leg kick from Jackson. Jackson opens a cut on Ruth’s face late with an uppercut. 10-9 Jackson.

Round 2: Ruth goes for a question mark kick to the head. Jackson is still throwing everything he’s got into every punch. Ruth dives for a takedown and misses and nearly gets kicked in the head getting up. Ruth is pressuring and forcing Jackson to back up, but he’s not landing effectively. Jackson checks the head kick, blocks the right hand and fires the left. Ruth lands a leg kick, Jackson lands a combo. Ruth lands a good right. His takedown is stuffed. Leg kick from Jackson. Jackson clocks Ruth with a left. Body kick for Ruth, Right hand misses. Jackson lands an uppercut. One minute left. Leg kick and jab from Ruth. Jab from Jackson. 10-9 Ruth.

Round 3: Leg kicks and body kicks back and forth to start. Ruth is still providing the pressure but Jackson answers with a scintillating right hand that drops Ruth. Ruth gets back up but that knockdown could determine the round and there are still four minutes left. Ruth keeps throwing leg kicks and jabs and may have tagged Jackson with a right. Uppercut inside by Jackson. Another lead uppercut. Ruth with a left. Ruth keeps coming forward. Jackson with a three piece combo. 2:30. Power shots both ways at 2:50. Ruth shoots at the three minute mark, goes for Jackson’s back, doesn’t get it and drops levels for another takedown. Jackson gets up, Ruth takes him down, Jackson gets to one knee and then back up at 3:44. Ruth trips him down and Jackson gets back up. Ruth puts him down. Ruth is not scoring damage with any of these and Jackson keeps getting up. Ruth goes for the back again with 20 seconds left. Jackson gets back up. I’d score a 10-9 for Jackson but I wouldn’t be shocked if Ruth escaped with a split decision somehow.

Final result: 29-28 Jackson, 29-28 Ruth and 29-28 for Ruth by split decision.

Bec Rawlings vs. Ilara Joanne

Joanne is 8-4 in the solid black top, solid black trunks and blue gloves. Rawlings is 7-8 in the red gloves, black and gold trunks and black top with blue logo. Rawlings is 5’6”, Joanne 5’3”. Rawlings only has a 0.5” reach advantage at 64.5”. Joanne fights out of Fortaleza, Brazil. Rawlings fights out of Brisbane, Australia. The referee is Dan Miragliotta.

Round 1: No glove tap. Joanne lands the first strikes and is hunting for an overhand right. Joanna bull rushes Rawlings into the fence and trips her to the ground at 1:05, working on top in half guard. Joanne tries to pass to a full mount but Rawlings uses her knees to block and put Joanne in full guard. Joanne postures up and lands a left elbow, and another. 2:30 gone. Rawlings is doing a good job of keeping her feet on Joanne’s hips and keeping the fight chest to chest, which is drawing the ire of the fans in Uncasville. Miragliotta finally stands them up with 50 seconds left. Joanne smashes home a right hand to the nose twice and throw a knee to boot. 10-9 Joanne.

Round 2: Rawlings gets knocked down by a leg kick five seconds into the round and Joanne immediately jumps on top in full guard. She passes to half guard at 32 seconds. Rawlings again pushes her back to full, showing good defense if not much offense. She does try a couple of elbows to the head off her back. The fans are getting more impatient as time goes on. Joanne pushes Rawlings toward the fence and Rawlings starts trying to get back up. As she does Joanne jumps to her back looking to get hooks in. Left hands to the head. Rawlings escapes and momentarily has the back but Joanne transitions to the knee bar and gets the submission at 3:35.

Final result: Ilara Joanne via submission (knee bar) at 3:35 of round two.

Jake Hager vs. Anthony Garrett

Hager is 2-0 in the red gloves and gray trunks, and Garrett is 4-2 in the blue gloves and colorful trunks in front leading to solid black in the back. Sammy Guevara, Ortiz and Santana from AEW’s Inner Circle are all supporting Hager at cageside. Both men stand 6’5” but Hager has a 2” reach advantage at 82”. Garrett fights out of Kansas City, KS. Hager fights out of Perry, OK. The referee is Dan Miragliotta.

Round 1: Both men are swinging leather early. Hager pushes Garrett into the fence and hits right hands to the head. Garrett tried to say he got kneed in the cup but Miragliotta told him to keep going. Hager backs up at 1:03 after a couple of clinch knees. Garrett tries to push him to the cage but Hager easily turns him around and backs off, then clips him with a left hand and hits a couple of clinch knees. This time Garrett does take a knee to the cup and Miragliotta sends both men to their corners. Garrett is bleeding from his right cheek. Garrett shoots at 1:44 and Hager blocks it, then knees him in the cup again. Garrett face plants and we get a timeout. The slow mo makes it crystal clear the right knee landed low. The doctor stops the fight and this one is all over.

Final result: Dan Miragliotta rules the fight a no contest (accidental foul) at 1:56 of R1.

Tim Caron vs. Lucas Borges

Caron is 9-2 in the red gloves and blue trunks, fighting out of Manchester, NH. Borges is 8-2 in the blue gloves with white trunks, fighting out of Newark, NJ. The referee in charge for this fight is Bryan Miner.

Round 1: Tap of gloves to start. Borges shoots at 19 seconds and puts Caron on the cage. He fires off knees as Miner looks on to make sure they aren’t landing South of the equator. They break at 1:07. Borges pushes him right back into the fence. Borges lets go throwing an overhand right that misses but the straight left lands flush. He bulls Caron back into the cage once again. Caron finally spins free at 3:05 and throws a high kick that’s checked. His body kick lands. Borges misses with left hands and shoots again. Miner finally calls for work as Borges tries and fails to improve position. He should have done that the last time. It’s more like “Lucas Boring” at this point. They break, Caron lands a left, Borges drops for a double and can’t get it. 10-9 Borges.

Round 2: Borges shoots for a takedown again. Caron starts making him pay for it with elbows to the head. Miner is making sure those are legal. They break at 1:15. This time Caron engages and gets one leg off the ground but Borges is able to get free. Borges breaks at 1:48 and the two trade hands. Borges pushes Caron back into the fence. Borges tries to push Caron to his right to break his stance but Caron breaks free at 2:48 and lands some kicks in the center. Borges pushes forward and eats a body kick before grappling with Caron again. Caron is once again hunting for the elbows to the head. Borges switches to a single leg and Caron nearly transitions to a kimura. He has North-South and takes the back with one hook in as Borges stands up. Caron nearly locks in a rear naked but Borges slips free. 10-9 Caron.

Round 3: Caron starts R3 with a high kick and some sharp hands including a counter uppercut. Borges goes for a single leg and we’re (guess where) back on the fence. Miner calls for work as a few boo birds begin to sing. Caron spins out at 1:12 and Borges pushes him back into the cage. Elbows to the head from Caron. Caron tries to secure an arm and Borges gets away, then pushes Caron back to the fence. Caron turns him around and waits until he breaks the stance to throw a knee to the head, then backs up at 2:26 to let his hands go. Borges throws a left and an uppercut but he drops levels looking for a takedown he’s not going to get. Elbows from Caron. Caron pulls Borges down to his knees with all his body weight on Borges back. Punches and elbows from on top with a minute to go. Caron has this North-South position secure and Borges is going nowhere unless Caron lets him. Caron finally lets him up with 19 seconds left. Borges swings wildly and goes for a single leg but can’t get it. 10-9 Caron.

Final result: Tim Caron wins a 29-28 X3 unanimous decision.

Talita Nogueira vs. Jessy Miele

Nogueira is 7-1 in the red gloves, black bodysuit and black/blue trunks fighting out of Sao Paolo, Brazil. Miele is 8-3 in the blue gloves, black bodysuit and trunks, fighting out of Waterbury, CT. The ref is Todd Anderson.

Round 1: Miele is pushing the pace early and lands a right hand. Miele throws a front kick, a leg kick, a left to the body and a right. They clinch up. Nogueira drops levels for a single leg but lets it go. Miele turns her around. They break free at 1:48. Miele continues to work her hands and pushes Nogueira into the cage. Nogueira turns her around. They separate at 2:50. Body kick and right hand from Nogueira. Miele and Nogueira go to the fence and dance back and forth to see who leads before breaking at 4:16. Big hands from Miele cause Nogueira to circle away at 4:30. 10-9 Miele.

Round 2: Touch of gloves to start. Miele has Nogueira backing up but when they clinch she puts an elbow right in her face. Nogueira tries to use a whizzer to get a takedown to no avail. Miele clears away at 1:43 and comes forward until Nogueira shoots, and she gets the takedown at 2:09 quickly moving up to full mount with an arm triangle being set up. She lets that go at 2:58 and moves to half guard. Both women sit up. Nogueira tries to stand up and come over the top but Miele trips her and gets back up. They tie up against the cage. Miele with a whizzer takedown and reverse mount. Nogueira goes for a toe hold and Miele sits on her head. Miele tries to cinch up an arm late. 10-9 Nogueira but it was close.

Round 3: Tap of gloves. Miele comes forward with strikes and the ref warns them both to watch their fingers. Miele lands a jab and pushes Nogueira into the cage looking to trip her to the ground. Miele gets it at 1:07. Nogueira wants an omoplata. Miele is out at 1:46 and moves to side. Nogueira quickly puts her back into guard. Miele steps over into half guard as Nogueira tries to push off the fence with one foot. Her toes were clearly linked in the cage for a second but the ref did nothing. Miele is staying busy on top with hammerfists even as she’s pushed back to full guard. Miele passes to half again with 80 seconds to go. Nogueira is eating multiple hands and elbows to the body and head. Nogueira almost stands back up twice but Miele blocks it both times. 10-9 Miele.

Final result: The judges score it 30-27 Miele, 29-28 Nogueira, 30-27 Miele by split decision.

Steve Mowry vs. Gokhan Saricam

Mowry is 6-0 in the red gloves and trunks, fighting out of Fort Lauderdale, FL. Saricam is 4-0 in the blue gloves and black trunks, fighting out of Istanbul, Turkey. The referee is Dan Miragliotta.

Round 1: Mowry’s height and reach advantage are apparent from the opening bell. Saricam tries to keep him at bay with a left jab. Mowry throws a head kick and a leg kick. They clinch and break at 40 seconds. Mowry takes micro steps forward to get the range. Mowry shoots for a single leg and gets the takedown to full guard at 1:30. Mowry stands up at 2:20 and narrowly avoids an upkick. Body shot from Saricam. Saricam is landing some good jabs. Mowry gets a takedown to side control at 3:41. He dominates the rest of R1 from there. 10-9 for Mowry.

Round 2: Mowry lands a leg kick to open. Mowry body locks his opponent and throws him to the ground at 30 seconds with immediate side control and a kimura attempt. Saricam taps at 56 seconds and it’s all over.

Final result: Steve Mowry via submission (kimura) at 0:56 of round two.

Dalton Rosta vs. Claude Wilcox

Rosta is 1-0 in the red gloves and gold trunks out of Lower Burrell, PA. Wilcox is 1-0 in the blue gloves, black trunks, fighting out of Hot Springs, AR. The referee is Todd Anderson

Round 1: Tap of gloves to start. Rosta is swinging hard from there. Rosta gets a takedown at 32 seconds and quickly moves to full mount. Wilcox gets him back to half guard. Rosta gets the mount again, takes the back, moves back on top, but Rosta walks up the fence with his feet to get out of harm’s way and get the fight standing again. Rosta shoots and trips Wilcox to the ground at 1:40. They’re back to the feet again at the halfway point. Rosta lands an overhand right and almost connects with a spinning elbow. Wilcox steps forward and eats more hands, backpedaling from the damage until his back is on the cage. Rosta lets him go at 3:31. Knee from Wilcox. Rosta circles. Rosta with the inside knee. Wilcox takes a straight left. His face is quickly puffing up red. Rosta lands a combo with 30 seconds to go. Body shot from Rosta. 10-9 Rosta.

Round 2: Hard left hook from Rosta. Two lefts from Rosta. Wilcox eats a hard right hand at 1:02. Rosta loses his mouthpiece on a short right hand and the ref cleans it before putting it back in. Body shot from Rosta. Left hand. Wilcox paws with his left but gets pushed into the fence. Wilcox turns him around but Rosta still completes a takedown into half guard. Rosta goes for a kimura, doesn’t get it, but takes Wilcox’s back in the process. Wilcox turns to his back and gives up side control so Caron easily takes a full mount with 1:15 left. He lands a right hand that makes Wilcox give up his back momentarily. Rosta postures up for lefts and rights. The ref warns Wilcox to move and stops it at 4:23 when Wilcox turtles.

Final result: Dalton Rosta via technical knockout at 4:23 of round two.

Elise Reed vs. Rebecca Bryggman

Bryggman is 23-2-2 as an amateur but 0-0 as a pro in the black trunks, top and gloves. Reed is also making her pro debut in the black top and red gloves. Our referee is Bryan Miner. This is a 105 lb. Atomweight bout.

Round 1: Bryggman is backing up early. Reed is trying to push her to the outer circle with kicks and right hands. A takedown attempt is stuffed. Reed is landing some sharp kicks to the body with her right leg. She jacks Bryggman a couple of times with left hooks. Bryggman tries to come forward to counter. Bryggman’s face is starting to turn bright red from the strikes that have landed. Reed throws a jumping right hand. Bryggman checks a head kick. Reed misses with a spinning kick and closes the distance to land with hands. Reed has Bryggman dazed as we pass the four minute mark but she recovers and comes forward. The two clinch and break at 4:32. Reed is pouring it on and Miner is warning Bryggman to fight back. He waves it off at 4:48.

Final result: Elise Reed finishes by technical knockout at 4:48 of round one.

Connor Dixon vs. Orkhan Ismatzade

Dixon is 1-0 in the red gloves and black trunks, fighting out of Millville, NY. Ismatzade makes his pro debut in the blue gloves and camouflage trunks, fighting out of Watertown, CT. The ref is Keith Peterson.

Round 1: Tap of gloves to start. There’s a quick takedown and Dixon is on top and has a kimura in just 42 seconds. Blink and you would have missed it. After the fight he looks at the camera and says “Dillon Danis — I, WANT, YOU.”

Final result: Connor Dixon via submission (kimura) at 0:42 of round one.

Jonathan Manley vs. Thiago Oliveira

Manley has the red gloves and Oliveira the blue. Manley is 12-6, Oliveira 16-4. Oliveira wears the black trunks and fights out of Salvador, Brazil. Manley has gold trimmed trunks and fights out of Easthampton, MA. Our referee in charge is Kevin MacDonald.

Round 1: Oliveira takes the center immediately. Manley shifts to his left and right trying to find an angle to push him backward. Oliveira responds with left hands. Manley keeps pushing into range and just avoids an overhand right. Oliveira goes for a leg trip and it’s blocked. Manley attacks with leg kicks and shoots Oliveira into the fence. He takes him down to his knees but Oliveira gets up and takes his back, trying to trip him to the ground. Manley turns around and gets his back to the fence then gets free at 3:40. Oliveira gets a takedown at 4:23. Manley almost grabs an armbar but Oliveira ends up on top in full guard. 10-9 Manley.

Round 2: Manley’s unorthodox stance and style continue to flummox Oliveira until they clinch up at 45 seconds. Manley quickly breaks it and throws a head kick. Oliveira hits a leg kick. Oliveira hits a combo and drops levels but Manley spins to take the back and gets one hook in. Oliveira momentarily escapes but that leads to Manley getting Oliveira against the fence eating hammerfists. Oliveira is blocking Manley getting the hook with his right leg but because he has his arm down to block he’s eating damage. He stands up at 3:22. Oliveira looks tired on his feet and a takedown is easily stuffed. Manley presses forward throwing hands and takes the back on another takedown attempt. unloading with right hands from the back. 10-8 Manley.

Round 3: Manley pushes Oliveira away with a body kick and his hands are down and almost lifeless. Manley keeps attacking from all angles with his hands and feet, mixing body shots and kicks in with vicious head shots. This Manley looks a lot better than the one I remember from The Ultimate Fighter: Carwin vs. Nelson. Oliveira finally gets a takedown but Manley is the one scoring with elbows from his back and locking up a high guard he could transition into a triangle. He gets it go and both men stand up with 80 seconds left. Manley stuffs a takedown and takes the back throwing hammerfists at the ribs. He gets one hook in and is fishing for the second as 30 seconds remain. More hammers. Manley goes for the armbar late but can’t cinch it up. He did cinch up a decision though.

Final result: Jon Manley wins via 30-27, 29-28 X2 unanimous decision.

Mandel Nallo vs. Killys Mota

Nallo is 7-0 in the red gloves and black trunks, fighting out of Toronto, Canada. Mota is 11-1 in the blue gloves and black trunks, fighting out of Sao Paolo, Brazil. The referee in charge is Dan Miragliotta.

Round 1: Mota moves to the outer circle of his own volition right away. He steps back to the center for a clash of leg kicks then backs up to the outside again. Nallo touches him with the right hand. Mota comes forward with a flurry then backs up again. He swings wild with a right hand and misses. He shoots and goes for a leg trip but Nallo blocks it. They break at 2:43. Nallo goes upstairs with a head kick and Mota catches it but can’t convert it into anything. They break at 4:02. 10-9 Nallo.

Round 2: Mota tries and misses with a spinning heel kick. Mota gets a takedown at 45 seconds. Nallo keeps it chest to chest so he can’t posture up and land damage. Miragliotta calls for more work. He stands them up at 2:15. This is already the longest fight of Nallo’s pro career to date. Mota lands a couple of leg kicks. Mota with a left. Even though Nallo is controlling the cage, Mota is landing fairly often. Mota ducks under a jab and clinches, Nallo pushes him into the fence, and they break right before the bell. 10-9 Mota.

Round 3: Mota is using leg kicks effectively early. So effectively in fact that Nallo is having a problem with his left leg. He gets kicked again and his left ankle buckles one more time and Miragliotta stops the fight at 1:16. The slow motion looks pretty gruesome.

Final result: Killys Mota wins via technical knockout at 1:16 of round three.

Phumi Nkuta vs. Adrian Haly

Round 1: Unaired before Paramount Network.

Final result: Nkuta wins a unanimous decision of 30-27 and 30-26 X2.

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