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Pic: Jose Aldo is skinny, shredded after dropping to bantamweight

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Maybe Dana White was wrong?

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight champion, Jose Aldo, has been eliminated from the 145-pound title chase after losing an uninspired decision to Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 237 back in May.

While it was previously thought that “Junior” would jump up to the lightweight division, based on his muscular frame, the Brazilian has instead opted to move down to the 135-pound weight class, requiring signifiant shrinkage.

Mission accomplished, based on the photo above.

Aldo, 33, is just 3-3 since losing his featherweight title to Conor McGregor back in late 2015, 28-5 overall, and has plenty of time to work his way into bantamweight contention after signing a new (and rather lengthy) UFC contract.

Who do you, as a fan, want to see Aldo fight first in his 135-pound debut? Check out the division Top 10 right here to make your choice. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing “Junior” hook ‘em up with former champion Cody Garbrandt.