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Dominick Reyes to Jon Jones: Bring your belt, not your ‘special sauce,’ to the cage when we fight

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Dominick Reyes made an emphatic statement last Friday night (Oct. 18, 2019), knocking out Chris Weidman in less than two minutes at UFC on ESPN 6 inside TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts (watch it). Afterward, “The Devastator” took to the mic to call for his Light Heavyweight title shot against division kingpin, Jon Jones. And during a recent appearance on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show, Reyes advised “Bones” to just bring his title belt to their potential future showdown ... not his “special sauce.”

An obvious dig at Jones’ past failed drug tests.

“Jon has a bad habit of letting his habits get the best of him,” Reyes said. “I don’t want any part of that, I just want the belt. Let’s party, do it in the Octagon. Just bring the belt, don’t bring anything else.

“Don’t bring any of your special stuff, your special sauce, as they would say. Just bring your belt, that’s all I want. Let’s run it bro, see who falls. If you want to talk all that, let’s run it if you want the smoke, let’s run it.”

While Reyes has pretty much made it clear there is no one in front of him at 205 pounds standing in his way of a title shot, Jones threw a curve ball, perhaps trolling Reyes by saying he’d probably wait to face the winner of Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic at Heavyweight.

It’s those kinds of proclamations that make Reyes believe that Jon simply doesn’t want any part of him.

“I don’t know what he is doing. I think he’s trying to get a big fight. He clearly doesn’t want to fight me. He is getting his management to make excuses for him and asking his management to make it go away. ‘Hey, tell him why I can’t fight him,’” Reyes said, mimicking Jones after his management team dismissed Dominick as his next challenge.

“That’s a clear indication that Jon doesn’t want to fight me and he doesn’t want to openly say it so he is asking his management to basically save him in this situation,” he continued.

With six convincing wins thus far inside the Octagon, it’s not a question of whether or not Reyes will be thrown into the fire against Jones too quickly. That because Reyes feels he is — and has been — more than ready to face the long-time champion.

“I’ve been training my whole life to fight Jon,” he explained. “In the beginning I started training to fight Jon. I am getting better, and better and better and I am ready to step in there with this man. He is just a man, a regular man. He wasn’t even athletic enough to play on his high school football team. Like, come on.”

On that note, if Jones’ high school football skills weren’t up to par, his fighting resume is unrivaled, as he has taken on and defeated the best the sport has to offer on his road to becoming the best 205-pound fighter in mixed martial arts (MMA) history.

Now, all Reyes can do is sit and wait to see if Jones wants to add him to his growing list of targets.