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UFC on ESPN 6 results: Jeremy Stephens survives brutal liver shot, but loses grudge match to Yair Rodriguez anyway

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Jeremy Stephens and Yair Rodriguez faced each other (again) in a Featherweight clash tonight (Fri., Oct. 18, 2019) at UFC on ESPN 6, which took place inside TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. In a stellar fight, Rodriguez’s early kicking was superior to Stephens’ late surge, awarding him the decision win.

Rodriguez opened up with a crazy jump kick, and the two wasted little time in engaging with punches. Rodriguez attempted an inside trip takedown before jamming Stephens into the fence. Stephens reversed position with double underhooks. Rodriguez landed a good elbow on the break. Sharp front kick from Rodriguez. Two kicks scored for Rodriguez. From the Southpaw stance, Rodriguez ripped hard kicks into his opponent’s defenses. Decent low kick scored for Stephens. Hard body kick scored for Rodriguez. “Pantera” attempted a jump knee, and Stephens tried to counter with a double leg takedown. Stephens scored with a wide body shot. Stephens blocked a bicycle kick, landed a jab. Hard low kick from Rodriguez. Stephens walked into a jab hard and fell to his butt.

Rodriguez opened the second with a jumping spin kick. Hard calf kick scored for the Mexican athlete. Brutal body kick connected for Rodriguez, which hurt Stephens bad, and a follow up calf kick swept him from his feet.

Just listen to this:

Rodriguez swarmed, chasing the finish. Stephens tried to survive by wrestling, but he kept absorbing damage. Somehow, Stephens survived beneath the flurry of punches. Rodriguez attempted a d’arce choke, but Stephens smartly defended. With two minutes remaining, Stephens returned to his feet! “Lil Heathen” charged forward and somehow ended up in top position! Rodriguez ate a big elbow, but he also threw up a triangle choke! Rodriguez actually tried to finish the choke by leg scissoring, but Stephens escaped. With his foe trapped on the fence, Stephens poured it on and landed some heavy knees and punches. Rodriguez finished the round with a body kick.

A low blow brings about a momentary pause to the action in the third. Stephens responded by swinging wild and landing fairly well. Rodriguez looked a bit tired but still landed a trio of kicks. Stephens scored with an overhand right then caught a kick and landed a takedown. Rodriguez popped back up, landed a jab, and then was taken down once more. Stephens stepped into half guard. Stephens landed some decent elbow strikes, but he needed something heavier to pull off the comeback victory. Rodriguez did little but defend from his back, yet it was enough to get him to the final bell.

This was really a great fight that needed the additional two rounds. It’s an unfortunate result for Stephens, who fought hard to comeback in the third round, but it was too little, too late. Third round aside, Rodriguez’s kicking ability was positively violent.

Result: Yair Rodriguez defeats Jeremy Stephens via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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