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UFC Fight Night 161 live stream results, ‘Joanna vs Waterson’ play-by-play updates

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is locked and loaded for the UFC Fight Night 161: “Joanna vs. Waterson” mixed martial arts (MMA) event, which takes place TONIGHT (Sat., Oct. 12, 2019) on ESPN+ from inside Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida. Headlining the “Sunshine State” fight card is the women’s Strawweight showdown between former 115-pound champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk and top division contender Michelle Waterson. In the UFC: “Tampa” co-main event, grappling wizard Kron Gracie looks to work his way up the Featherweight rankings at the expense of 145-pound veteran Cub Swanson. In addition, Mackenzie Dern returns from maternity leave to test her Brazilian jiu-jitsu skills against Amanda Ribas. will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC Fight Night 161 fight card below, starting with the ESPN+ “Prelims” undercard bouts at 5 p.m. ET, followed by the ESPN+ main card start time of 8 p.m. ET.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps, and post-fight analysis following “Joanna vs. Waterson.” Without further delay, see below for the updated UFC Fight Night 161 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs. Michelle Waterson — Jedrzejczyk def. Waterson (UD 50-45 x2, 49-46) — HIGHLIGHTS!
Kron Gracie vs. Cub Swanson — Swanson def. Gracie (UD 30-27 x3)
Mackenzie Dern vs. Amanda Ribas — Ribas def. Dern (UD 30-27 x3)
Matt Frevola vs. Luis Pena — Frevola def. Pena (SD 29-28 x2, 28-29)
Eryk Anders vs. Gerald Meerschaert — Anders def. Meerschaert (SD 29-28 x2, 28-29)
Niko Price vs. James Vick — Price def Vick (KO upkick 0:44 Rd 1) — HIGHLIGHTS!
Devin Clark vs. Ryan Spann — Spann def. Clark (SUB guillotine 2:01 Rd 2)
Mike Davis vs. Thomas Gifford — Davis def. Gifford (KO punch 4:45 Rd 3) — HIGHLIGHTS!
Max Griffin vs. Alex Morono — Moron def. Griffin (UD 29-28, 29-27x2)
Tim Elliott vs. Deiveson Figueiredo — Figueiredo def. Elliott (SUB guillotine 3:08 Rd 1) — HIGHLIGHTS!
Marlon Vera vs. Andre Ewell — Vera def. Ewell (TKO GNP 3:17 Rd 3) — HIGHLIGHTS!
Miguel Baeza vs. Hector Aldana — Baeza def. Aldana (TKO leg kick, 2:32 Rd 2) — HIGHLIGHTS!
Marvin Vettori vs. Andrew Sanchez — Vettori def. Sanchez (UD 30-27 x3)
J.J. Aldrich vs. Lauren Mueller — Aldrich def. Mueller (UD 30-27, 29-28 x2)

Evening, everyone. Braiterman with you the whole night through.


115 lbs.: Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs. Michelle Waterson

Round 1: Jedrzejczyk in black, Waterson in blue and white. Jedrzejczyk takes center cage and starts to feint like a madman. Waterson gets into a takedown attempt, but JJ fights it off. Jedrzejczyk backs her into the cage and is working to get position. Waterson reverses. JJ gets in a couple elbows. Waterson with a strike on the break. Gets hit with a nice right hand. Another takedown attempt for Waterson. They’re battling along the metal. Good elbow from the former champion. Reverse and reversal again. Jedrzejczyk doing a good job of sinking her hips and maintaining at least one underhook. She’susing it to land some decent, if sporadic strikes. Knee and an elbow. Another big elbow.

10-9 Jedrzejczyk

Round 2: They trade kicks. Waterson goes to rub blood out of her nose and Jedrzejczyk takes advantage of the distraction to kick her in the body. “Karate Hottie” with a body kick of her own. JJ with a series of low kicks. Waterson nearly connects on a head kick. They clinch, this time with Waterson on the outside. Gets a right hand on the break. Waterson tries to run a single, but lets it go when they hit the cage. JJ gets that underhook and spins Waterson back against the links. They’re back to center cage and Jedrzejczyk kicks Waterson in the mouth.

10-9 Jedrzejczyk

Round 3: JJ with some pep in her step as she’s feinting and kicking, showing no ill effects of her weight cut. Waterson is getting in one or two kicks and punches here and there, but Jedrzejczyk is giving her four or five for each one. They clinch and Waterson is caught off balance. Jedrzejczyk holding onto the neck and drags her down. She’s hanging onto the neck, looking for a finish. Jedrzejczyk doesn’t get it, but not without a near finish. All of a sudden, Waterson catches Jedrzejczyk coming in, scrambles onto Jedrzejczyk’s back and she’s fishing for a rear naked choke! She’s close, but can’t get it under the chin. Jedrzejczyk gets up and Jedrzejczyk flurrying at the end of the round.

10-9 Jedrzejczyk

Round 4: The round starts the way most of this fight has gone - with JJ peppering Waterson at range. Jedrzejczyk fights off a clinch. Without feeling like a broken record, this is mostly one-way traffic of nearly whatever Jedrzejczyk wants. She’s feeding Waterson a steady diet of kicks, nearly all of which are to the legs. Jedrzejczyk with a body lock as Waterson holds onto a headlock. Big elbow from the Pole. More clinch strikes to the end of the round.

10-9 Jedrzejczyk, pushing a 10-8

Round 5: Jedrzejczyk has busted her own right foot with these kicks. JJ throwing left kicks and more punches now. There’s a right kick that misses. Not much to write about that I haven’t already. Jedrzejczyk outstriking and outmuscling Waterson wherever the fight goes. Waterson holding the body lock until Jedrzejczyk swims the right underhook and turns her. Lands a knee. They scramble, Jedrzejczyk slips and Waterson pounces onto her back. Jedrzejczyk manages to break the grip and spins into her.

One minute to go. Striking to the end. Spinning backfist, kicks, punches, etc. almost all from Jedrzejczyk.

Final result: Joanna Jedrzejczyk def. Michelle Waterson (Unanimous Decision 50-45 x2, 49-46)

145 lbs.: Kron Gracie vs. Cub Swanson

Round 1: Swanson in black, Gracie in gray. Gracie with that old school kick/stomp to try and get into grappling range. Gracie tries to swarm, eats a counter right for his troubles. Body shot from Swanson. Kron hits a jab. A right hand, too. Big body kick from Cub. Leg kick and a 1-2. Another shot to the guts of Gracie. Shovel hook and another one to the body again. Gracie gets in a right hand that’s a little wild, but is effective.

One minute to go. Another heavy punch to the guts of Gracie.

10-9 Swanson

Round 2: Cub hits a jab, Kron counters with a left. They both land lead hooks. Body-body for Cub. Nice right and a left for Gracie knocks Cub back to the fence. Cub gets a bit of space and gets back to center ASAP. Cub slips in the pocket, but Gracie is unable to get on top of him before Cub regains his feet and gets out of danger. Solid right for Cub. Gracie with a couple uppercuts. Kron lands a jab. He gets a clinch and punches Cub behind the ear. They punch to the bell.

10-9 Swanson

Round 3: Gracie with a right to open the round. Cub gets in a solid right, but Gracie’s chin has held up perfectly. Gracie and Cub swinging and connecting from the pocket. Gracie gets a clinch, but Cub shrugs him off. Swanson combos and ends with a teep to create distance. Gracie tries to jump guard, but slips off as they’re both sweaty as anything. Gracie nearly gets a hip toss, but Swanson keeps the whizzer and gets up. Another guard pull attempt that fails. They’re slugging it out, and Cub keeps getting the better of it, but not without taking some punishment of his own.

Ninety seconds left. This is a great mix of rock’em sock’em robots mixed with grappling attempts. Kron gets a guard pull finally. Cub minds his P’s and Q’s, and gets out of dodge. Sorry, everyone else, that’s your Fight of the Night right there.

10-9 Swanson

Final result: Cub Swanson def. Kron Gracie (Unanimous Decision 30-27 x3)

170 lbs.: Niko Price vs. James Vick

Round 1: Price in black, Vick in blue. Price swinging heavy early. Price catches a kick and pushes Vick to the ground. He gets on top and is working on GNP. Vick scrambles, gets up and now he’s on top. He postures and takes an ENORMOUS upkick to the chin! He’s out like a light.

Final result: Niko Price def. James Vick (KO upkick 0:44 Round 1)

155 lbs.: Mike Davis vs. Thomas Gifford

Round 1: Davis in black, Gifford in blue. Davis throwing heavy leather and landing quite a few. Gifford tries an Imanari roll, but Davis evades. Jab from Gifford. Davis with a big combo, but is eating them like a kit kat. Davis throwing so hard he’s fallen over from his own momentum twice now. Big body shot lands, though. Two right hooks land for Davis. Goddamn, flush left power shot and Gifford barely blinked. Straight left and a knee to the jaw for Davis. Davis is landing everything and finally Gifford is wobbling. Unreal punishment here.

10-7 Davis

Round 2: Low kick from Davis takes the leg out from underneath Gifford for a second. Imanari roll entry fails again. Uppercut from Davis along with a couple jabs. Gifford gets in a front kick, eats a knee. 1-2 from Gifford as Davis is doing this slower. Couple big shots from Davis and Gifford pulls guard. Heavy forearms and elbows for Davis. Davis backs away for a second, punches Thomas on the way up and then hits a blast double. Gifford gets in a right, but is a target for ten return shots.

10-9 Davis

Round 3: Slower start to this round here. Trading some lower kicks. Gifford landing a little, but without power. He tries a takedown and almost gets it, but Davis fights it off with a nice whizzer. Davis conserving his energy now. Landing less, but still with power when he throws. Huge leg kick knocks Gifford down. Bisping on commentary shitting on Gifford’s corner and the referee for not stopping this a long time ago. HUGE right hand FINALLY sleeps poor Gifford.

Final result: Mike Davis def. Thomas Gifford (KO punch 4:45 of Round 3)

115 lbs.: Mackenzie Dern vs. Amanda Ribas

Round 1: Dern in yellow, Ribas in black. Ribas with a right hand that stumbles an off-balance Dern. Ribas with a good counter game so far. Dern slips again. They fire and Ribas lands in the pocket. Dern with a takedown, but Ribas up immediately. Nice right for Ribas. Dern grabs ahold of Ribas, but Ribas gets a hip toss and lands on top. Dern tries for a triangle briefly before settling into guard. Couple of elbows from the bottom. The round ends with Ribas on top, not doing much.

10-9 Ribas

Round 2: Dern with the immediate shot for a single that Ribas stuffs. Great counter right hand from Ribas. Ribas uses a tapping inside kick to off-balance Dern which she uses to land a big right. Dern with a level change, fails. Dern gets in a jab. Dern nearly finishes a single, but ends up on the bottom. Ribas disengages out of the guard and they’re slugging to end the round.

10-9 Ribas

Round 3: Dern overswings again and stumbles, but Ribas isn’t going to bother with the ground game. Dern with a kick that gets blocked, Ribas with a counter right. Single-leg attempt again from Dern fails - again - and she eats some GNP for her troubles before Ribas vacates. Left from Ribas.

One minute left. Ribas with a combo, yelling now. Dern with a front kick.

10-9 Ribas

Final result: Amanda Ribas def. Mackenzie Dern (Unanimous Decision 30-27x3)

155 lbs.: Matt Frevola vs. Luis Pena

Round 1: Frevola in black, Pena in gray. Frevola with a couple of right hands. Pena gets in a kick. Frevola with a good entry and he slams Pena down. Pena is able to scramble and gets back up quickly. Frevola with a big single leg takedown into another slam. Pena works rubber guard into an odd triangle variant. Pena threatens a sub and uses it to roll Frevola over. Frevola reverses again. Pena scrambles up, grabs a Thai clinch and tries a knee. Pena with a body lock and tries a takedown of his own. Pena breaks and lands three rights. Frevola with one of his own.

10-9 Frevola

Round 2: Frevola gets hit with a HUGE knee that almost drops him. Pena looking for a couple elbows, then he switches to a kimura. He can’t finish it and Frevola is back up. We pause to let Frevola get his mouthpiece back in. Pena with a jumping front kick that doesn’t connect, Frevola with a superman punch that does, but not fully. Pena falls down on a kick attempt, Frevola charges, nothing happens and the threat is over. Frevola tries a takedown, gets a body lock, and Pena immediately hunts for the kimura. Suplex by Frevola while Pena still works that Kimura. Pena transitions into a triangle, gets on top, hits some punches, tries fora guillotine and the round is over.

10-9 Pena

Round 3: Frevola tries for that superman punch again, can’t get it. Frevola lands a couple of nice rights that backs off Pena for a moment. Frevola connects and Pena slips to his butt. Frevola tries a flying knee to get a takedown. Pena scrambles up and keeps threatening a kimura every time that Frevola puts his hands on a leg or waist. Pena steps in with a right, Frevola swings a counter left. Frevola tries a takedown at the buzzer and can’t get it.

10-9 Frevola

Final result: Matt Frevola def. Luis Pena (Split Decision 29-28 x2, 28-29)

185 lbs.: Eryk Anders vs. Gerald Meerschaert

Round 1: Anders in yellow, Meerschaert in gray. Anders take center cage and lands a punch early. Meerschaert gets one back. Anders with a kick to the ankle. Meerschaert punches the body and evades a left. Meerschaert gets cracked with a short punch as he ducks down and he rolls to his back. Anders lets him back up. Right from Anders and he stuffs the takedown attempt. Bisping notes that Gerald is just kinda standing still with no movement. Meerschaert keeps leaning away from the big left hand of Anders. He’s been successful so far, but it’s a dangerous lean if Anders aims wider. Jab from Meerschaert. Anders with a swarm at the end of the round as Meerschaert tries to get on his bike.

10-9 Anders

Round 2: Anders gets a knockdown on an off-balance Meerschaert with an uppercut, but again, doesn’t follow him down to the ground. Outside leg kick from Meerschaert. Right hand gets in for him, too. Good liver kick for Meerschaert. Slower round. Another body kick at the end.

10-9 Meerschaert

Round 3: Slow start so far. 90 seconds in and both men just land lefts. Uppercut and a left from Anders. Another. Liver kick from Anders and one from Meerschaert. Anders with a counter left, both men hit back at each other.

Ninety seconds to go. Anders overextends on a whiff and Meerschaert slaps a nice punch on an off-balance Anders. His equilibrium is shot for a minute and Meerschaert tries to get in on Anders. Anders manages to fend him off, but that’s a great way for Meerschaert to end a close fight.

10-9 Anders

Final result: Eryk Anders def. Gerald Meerschaert (Split Decision 29-28 x2, 28-29)

205 lbs.: Devin Clark vs. Ryan Spann

Round 1: Clark in black, Spann in yellow, who eats a leg kick. Clark with a takedown and Spann tries a guillotine. Spann grabs a leg and uses it to get up and try a takedown of his own. Clark fights it off and they’re back to the middle. Spann walks into a level change from Clark, but Spann is back up shortly. Clark with a lunging right to get past the reach of Spann. Left hand as well. Low kick. Slow, slow round here. Clark glances in a left headkick.

Clark 10-9

Round 2: Nice jab from Spann to start the round. Finally Spann with a big left that wobbles Clark. Clark tries to get the hell out of what is suddenly a wildfire of punches and he’s in trouble. Clark fires back, but ducks down into a guillotine and Clark taps when Spann adjusts his grip.

Final result: Ryan Spann def. Devin Clark (SUB guillotine at 2:01 of Rd 2)

125 lbs.: Tim Elliott vs. Deiveson Figueiredo

Round 1: Elliot in black, Figueiredo in yellow. Elliott with his signature awkward technique. Good punch from Figueiredo about thirty seconds in. Elliott clinches and lands a bunch of tiny short punches. Low kick from Elliott and a short, powerful right from Figueiredo. Elliott with a double leg, but directly into a guillotine. Figueiredo gets him in guard and gets the finish!

Final result: Deiveson Figueiredo def Tim Elliott (SUB guillotine at 3:08 of Rd 1)

170 lbs.: Max Griffin vs. Alex Morono

Round 1: Griffin in gray, Morono in blue. Griffin lands a right early. Morono gets it back with a pair of jabs and a low kick. Right hands by both men. Outside leg kick stumbles Morono a bit.

Two minutes left. Morono with a spinning back kick to the liver. Griffin gets in that right hand again. Morono gets in a front kick that looked like it hit square under the chin.

10-9 Griffin

Round 2: Morono throwing volume and gets in a right. Max counters with one as well. Griffin with a flush right and that wobbles Morono a little. He’s on the gas, ducks for a takedown, and bails when Morono threatens a guillotine. HUGE left head kick floors Griffin. Morono swarming, trying to put Max Griffin away. What a goddamn chin on Griffin, he’s eating tons of shots. Knees, short punches, elbows, spinning backfist. Griffin backs off Morono for a second with a backfist of his own! Somehow Griffin survives and we’re on to round three.

10-9 Morono

Round 3: Griffin getting aggressive here, realizing he may be down on the cards with a possible 10-8 last round. He gets in that right that’s been money for him all fight. Griffin misses a flying knee, but hits a punch on the way down. Left hand. Griffin surges forward and gets a takedown. Griffin on top, mixing up a butterfly and creates a scramble. He’s up, but has his back to the links and gets slammed down. Griffin in half guard, passes to side, but Morono scrambles during the pass and he’s back up. Trying for a third takedown, doesn’t get it, keeps working and nails it with 1:10 left in the round. His corner is yelling for elbows, but Morono manages to shrimp out and up. Fifth takedown for Griffin.

10-9 Griffin

Final result: Alex Morono def. Max Griffin (Unanimous Decision 29-28, 29-27x2)

170 lbs.: Miguel Baeza vs. Hector Aldana

Round 1: Aldana in green, Baeza in black. The first significant strike of the fight goes to Aldana with a heavy legkick. Both men with kick heavy starts. Slow, feeling-out round so far.

Two minutes left. Right hand from Baeza gets blocked. Baeza lands a nice blast double at the buzzer.

10-10 draw

Round 2: Slow round so far. Leg kicks from both men, Baeza’s landing better. Right hand by the tall Puerto Rican. Chopping leg kick stumbles Aldana. All of a sudden, a calf kick stumbles Aldana and th eMexican fighter is down! He’s not getting up, either as Baeza rains down GNP until the ref stops the fight.

Final result: Miguel Baeza def. Hector Aldana (TKO legkick and GNP at 2:32 of Round 2)

185 lbs.: Marvin Vettori vs. Andrew Sanchez

Round 1: Vettori in green, Sanchez in red. Vettori with a nice right. Another couple strikes from Marvin. Sanchez gets a good inside leg kick. Blocks a body kick. Vettori coming forward on a covering-up Sanchez. Nice jab lands.

Two minutes to go. Vettori with another really nice Tekken-like combo. He got in at least a knee and two punches off of what looked like eight strikes. Heavy hands from Vettori again. The broadcast shows the significant strikes from each man and we’re at 29-4 in favor of the Italian. Make that 30.

10-9 Vettori

Round 2: New round, same result. Pop-pop-pop from Vettori as he lands multiples. Big knee from Marvin. Sanchez gets in a right in retaliation, but he’s still getting outlanded something like 12-1. Glancing rights from Sanchez. Straight left lands for Vettori, who looks to be slowing down a little.

Two minutes left. Both men get in a left. Sanchez tries a takedown, but that single-leg goes nowhere.

10-9 Vettori

Round 3: Crafty spinning backfist from Sanchez lands clean. Vettori takes a couple seconds to gather himself then he gets aggressive to try and get it back. Vettori catches a kick from Sanchez and Vettori grabs a body lock. He’s unable to get the takedown, so he backs off to center cage. 2-3 for Marvin. Liver kick. Sanchez tried the backfist again, but Vettori blocked most of it this time. Heavy left to the ribs of Sanchez.

Two minutes to go in the fight. Combos from both men, but Sanchez’s lands a bit cleaner. Vettori with a jab and ducks another spinning backfist attempt. 25-16 on the strike advantage this round so far. They throw to the end, but I think the Italian gets it.

10-9 Vettori

Final result: Marvin Vettori def. Andrew Sanchez (Unanimous Decision 30-27 x3)

125 lbs.: J.J. Aldrich vs. Lauren Mueller

Round 1: Mueller in blue, Aldrich in black. JJ with a nice counter right about 40 seconds in gets the first significant strike of the match. Right from Mueller and a good 1-2 from Aldrich in return. Another left sneaks through for Aldrich. Lauren leans back from another one. Two minutes to go and they clinch up.

Aldrich gets Mueller back to the fence and is working on improving her grips. She gets a body lock and an outside trip. Aldrich tried to take the back, but left too much space and Mueller stood up with a minute to go. They hug and spin for a minute. Mueller catches a knee attempt and dumps Aldrich to the mat.

10-9 Aldrich

Round 2: We return with an ad for next week’s Boston card featuring Chris Weidman vs Dominick Reyes. About 15 seconds in, both women land solid and simultaneously. Aldrich gets in another punch as Mueller’s reactions look very slow. Mueller charges into a level change from Aldrich, who can’t complete the takedown. Lauren gets put on the links again, but manages to fish for an underhook and reverse it. She breaks away and lands a nice right fist and then foot.

Two minutes to go. Mueller being aggressive, but not hitting all that much and getting hit by that same 1-2. Again, the quicker hands for Aldrich. Mueller’s had a bit of success when she manages to get Muller to the fence and throw hard. They taunt each other, but keep punching. Mueller’s working well with aggression and turning it into a slugfest.

10-9 Aldrich in a close round

Round 3: Pat Barry in the corner of Aldrich telling her to keep up the movement and volume. Nice 3-2 from Aldrich and she’s landing shot after shot. Aldrich hurt her. Mueller with a smart move, clinching up with Aldrich and preventing her from teeing off. Aldrich gets separation and gets in that same simple meat and potatoes jab-hook-cross. Mueller quadruples up on a pumping jab to back up Aldrich, but JJ circles out to her left to avoid the fence. Very smart.

Two minutes to go. Mueller throws, but isn’t taking her head off the center-line and is eating some of the combos that Aldrich is throwing back. Right straight from Aldrich. Mueller catches a kick and lands a couple rights. Nice left hand. Mueller tries to get in a hook, but eats one in return. Firefight at the end, but nothing huge for Mueller who most likely loses this bout.

10-9 Aldrich

Final result: JJ Aldrich def. Lauren Mueller (Unanimous Decision 30-27, 29-28 x2)

135 lbs.: Marlon Vera vs. Andre Ewell

Round 1: “Cheeto” Vera in blue, Ewell in black. Near immediate leg kick for Vera. Vera ducks a punch from Ewell and snatches a standing arm triangle. Vera swings him down to the mat as he tries to finish the choke from the bottom. Ewell manages to break the leverage and is now on top in full guard. Vera with elbows from the bottom.

Two minutes left and Ewell’s unable to do much of anything from on top. Vera tries for an armbar, but Ewell uses that transition to stand up. Ewell with a flurry to finish

10-9 Vera

Round 2: Not much happening 90 seconds into this round. Finally a right high kick from Vera lands, but not flush. Ewell catches a kick, but isn’t able to do anything with the advantage. Vera surges forward, but doesn’t land clean with any of his flurry that I saw.

Two minutes left. Ewell lands a left. Ewell’s jab oversails Vera again and he fishes for that same standing arm triangle. Vera with a sereis of knees to the thigh and body. Left and a big knee for Vera connects.

10-9 Vera

Round 3: Great combo from Vera including a pair of knees up the middle. Ewell wearing them well and he fires back and lands. Jump knee as an entrance for Vera. He’s landing a ton of those. Three left elbows fro Vera. Ewell throws hands back. Big left hand flush on Ewell’s jaw. Ewell ducks, but directly into a guillotine attempt. Vera maintains top position, lets go of the choke attempt and starts throwing huge GNP. Punches and elbows are falling like rain in Japan right now. The ref finally stops it!

Final result: Marlon Vera def. Andre Ewell (TKO GNP at 3:17 of Round 3)

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