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Pic: Joe Rogan praises ‘awesome’ fan tattoo featuring his face ... and some other weird sh*t

I think most people would agree that tattoos, as a whole, are just like any other form of art, generally hovering somewhere in the decent-to-terrible range. That’s why I never expected to see one amazing Joe Rogan tattoo, let alone two.

And yet here we are.

A few years after this wacky ink blot found its way online, another fan went and paid homage to the longtime UFC color commentator, who moonlights as a dude-bro philosopher on his wildly-popular podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

“I highly doubt that the dude that got this tattoo is participating in #soberoctober,” Rogan wrote on social media. “Awesome work though!”

A google search of “Sober October” tells me that people are abstaining from alcoholic consumption as some sort of pledge to charity, which I suppose is better than dumping a bucket of ice water over your head, but still sounds very “hey, look at meeeeee.”

Drink a beer, donate a few bucks to charity, and shut up about it already.

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