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Watch Nick Diaz go off on Georges St-Pierre and CrossFit for some reason

Esther Lin

Nick Diaz may not be fighting Jorge Masvidal, but he’s still out there being Nick Diaz.

The elder Diaz brother hasn’t found since January of 2015, when he lost a decision to Anderson Silva (that was later ruled a No Contest when both fighters tested positive for illegal substances). It took him a while for his lawyers to have the NSAC’s ridiculous 5 year suspension for marijuana knocked down to 18 months, but even after he was cleared to fight in 2017, he remained on the shelf for unclear (probably money related) reasons.

The ‘highlight’ of Nick’s 2018 involved being cleared of assaulting an ex-girlfriend.

Since there’s no cagefights to enjoy, we’ve had to get our Nick fix through cryptic snippets off his very strange Snapchat account. The latest message from Nick to his very patient fans? Eff CrossFit for some reason. And eff Georges St-Pierre too, while we’re at it.

“F**k CrossFit!” Diaz yells in the Snapchat video “F**k y’all, b*tch. F**k stupid water workouts too, f**king bitch ass Georges. F**king little bitch! Dumb ass bitch. Swim a 100 on the 120, pussy. That’s what I’m saying. F**k that, man!”


Following UFC 231, promotion president Dana White admitted he had nothing planned for either Diaz brother, and it looks like 2019 may be another sad Nick and Nate free year in the Octagon unless relations between the UFC and the Diaz brothers improve. White says it’s the Diaz’s fault, while the Diaz brothers blame White. Who do you blame, and do you think anything is going to change any time soon?

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