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The internet is starting to get worried about TJ Dillashaw’s weight cut to 125 pounds

Photos of TJ Dillashaw as he cuts down to flyweight have many fans on social media worried for the bantamweight champion’s health.

Tj Dillashaw

It’s going to be a quiet couple of weeks leading up to the UFC’s return on January 19th, but the promotion is returning with a bang. Not only does the next UFC Fight Night mark the start of their broadcast deal with ESPN and ESPN+, but it’s headlined by a champion vs. champion fight between bantamweight champ TJ Dillashaw and flyweight champ Henry Cejudo.

Dillashaw is making the move down to flyweight for the fight, and while some people on Cejudo’s management team seem to think he’ll never make it to 125 pounds, photos of the 135 pounder looking like he’s well on his way to his new weightclass have surfaced. At this point we have few doubts that TJ will make the cut ... we’re just concerned that it’s not all that great of an idea.

2018 saw a lot of fighters pulled from their fights last minute due to bad weight cuts that landed them in the hospital. So of course people are concerned that Dillashaw could end up the first weight cut casualty of 2019. Here’s a quick round-up of reactions to those new photos of Dillashaw dropping 10 pounds from, IDK, somewhere or other.

So what do you think, Maniacs? Will TJ pull off this weight cut in two weeks? And if he does manage to make it into the cage, will natural flyweight Henry Cejudo make him pay for depleting himself so much?

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