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Is this the most gruesome leg break in MMA history? Yes, yes it is

Jonathan King suffered an Anderson Silva style leg break injury during his fight at American Kombat Alliance: Rite Of Passage 6.


It was a bad night for MMA fighter Jonathan King at American Kombat Alliance: Rite of Passage 6. The event, held at the Horseshoe Casino Riverdome in Bossier City Louisiana, saw King lose his fight to Chris Williams via the dreaded TKO (Injury). More specifically, King suffered an Anderson Silva style leg break, cracking both the tibia and fibula bones in his leg on Williams’ knee.

Watch it here, if you dare:

We’d say this is definitely more gruesome than the much-seen Anderson Silva incident against Chris Weidman back in December of 2013. With Anderson, you had to watch the replays to catch what happened. Slow motion footage showed Silva’s shin strike Weidman’s knee and crack, sending the meat of his leg flopping like a rubber doll.

This incident requires no replay. King lays on the ground in shock, his broken leg sagging sideways in mid-air for all to see.

It’s unfortunate that these things happen in MMA, but with that regularity also comes our understanding that this is not a career ending injury, as much as it looks like one. Anderson Silva came back just 13 months after his incident to take on Nick Diaz. Another fighter, Jose “Pele” Landi-Jons came back after 17 months, and opponents say he wasn’t afraid to kick people with the steel plates holding his leg together.

So here’s to a quick recovery for King, and may he come back even tougher and more dangerous than before.

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