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Video: Nightclub thug tries to assault woman, gets rag-dolled by ex-UFC fighter instead

Here’s a little tip for all the gutless turds who like to start shit at the local nightclub: Make sure the premises aren’t owned and operated by a former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight, particularly one with nine finishes.

That’s the lesson some cowardly dipshit learned outside the Dorian Gray venue in Sarajevo. As you can see in the embedded video above, things start to get ugly around the 00:30 mark and could have ended tragically, if not for the prompt intervention of club owner Denis Stojnic.

The same Stojnic who’s won eight straight mixed martial arts (MMA) fights.

“When I saw on my video controller a huge man, even physically bigger than me, striking a female person with a closed fist in the head, I immediately ran out and reacted so that she was protected from the perpetrator,” Stojnic said (courtesy of “I conquered it and finally we accompanied the girl along with her security to a taxi, and she did not want to report this case to the police.”

Stojnic (13-3, 1 NC), who appeared twice in UFC back in 2009, hasn’t been seen since knocking out Bellator MMA veteran Christian M’Pumbu at the Hit Fighting Championship 2 event back in May 2016.

That said, it doesn’t appear the layoff had any affect on his combat sports skills.

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