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Michael Bisping has no sympathy for Jon Jones’ drug-testing bulls—t: ‘It’s your f—king fault’

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Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight champion, Michael Bisping, was in the dog house following the UFC 232 pay-per-view (PPV) event, because “The Count” was asking “difficult” questions in his role as FOX Sports analyst.

It seems Jon Jones, who caused a pre-fight uproar with his drug-testing shenanigans, didn't like being interrogated by the mouthy Brit on live television, and blew a gasket when learning of Bisping’s presence backstage on Dec. 29 in Inglewood, California.

Sorry, but Bizzy doesn’t give a rat’s ass.

“I have no sympathy for the drug-testing bullshit,” Bisping said on his official podcast (via Bloody Elbow). “You tested positive three times. The reason they’re in your system, is your f—king fault. It’s very black and white. Just like when you take a sobriety test. You get pulled over, they suspect you’re drunk driving. You get alcohol in your system, you’re fucked. Same thing with steroids. I still think the whole thing is bullshit, to be honest.”

He’s not the only one.

Jones was suspended back in 2017 after testing positive for Turinabol, which not only cost him the 205-pound title, but also a knockout win over longtime rival, Daniel Cormier. Trace amounts of that same substance have reappeared in 2018 drug tests.

The promotion insists he’s clean, despite a history of failed drug tests.

In fact, UFC President Dana White was so sure the science would exonerate “Bones,” he was willing to uproot the entire UFC 232 fight card and ship it from Las Vegas to California, at the expense of paying customers, to keep the Alexander Gustafsson title fight intact.

Jones won the fight, but may have lost the trust of the MMA fan base.