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Raphael Assuncao wants TJ Dillashaw to eat crow for Henry Cejudo loss: ‘See? That’s what you get’

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bantamweight champion, TJ Dillashaw, has to slink back to the 135-pound weight class with his tail between his legs after getting greedy and unsuccessfully challenging Henry Cejudo for the promotion’s flyweight strap.

Had Dillashaw stayed put and defended his title against top contender, Raphael Assuncao, that would have never happened. Now the division is once again on hold and the Brazilian may not be in line for an immediate title shot.

Yes, he’s frustrated.

“Just like when I should’ve fought for the title before and Cody (Garbrandt) took my place, and it didn’t go well twice for him,” Assuncao told “In the back of my mind, I don’t want to be a hater, but it’s like, ‘See, that’s what you get.’ It should’ve been my turn. Same with T.J. That’s what you get when you should’ve defended your own title.”

Promotion president, Dana White, has promised a bantamweight title shot to the winner of the UFC Fortaleza main event, which takes place this Sat. night (Feb. 2, 2019) inside Northeast Olympic Training Center in Fortaleza, Brazil.

Assuming “The Messenger” doesn’t jump up to 135 pounds.

“The champion needs to get his stuff together and defend his title,” Assuncao said. “Now they’re talking about a title defense against Cejudo, so that kind of complicates things a little bit. I think T.J. should’ve stayed at his weight and done what he was supposed to do at 135. He went down to 125, and now I’m sure he regrets what happened. He should’ve stayed at his weight class and taken responsibility at his weight class.”

As for Assuncao, he’ll need to take responsibility for Marlon Moraes this weekend on ESPN+, then worry about what’s happening with Dillashaw and Cejudo.

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