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Covington: 'Bozos' run UFC, will never be as big as the NBA or NFL

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UFC Fight Night Cejudo v Dillashaw: Press Conference Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Fabricio Werdum recently took the opportunity to respectfully ask for his release from Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), saying that while he was thankful for all the promotion has done for him, he preferred to not have anything to do with United States Anti Doping Agency (USADA).

Others, though, aren’t taking the polite road as Colby Covington continues his UFC-trashing tour by daring the world’s leading mixed martial arts (MMA) organization to let him go. “Chaos” was not too pleased when it was revealed Kamaru Usman would be getting the nod over him to face Tyron Woodley, which is set for UFC 235 on March 2, 2019.

According to Dana White, however, Covington didn’t respond to fight offers in a timely manner, which prompted the organization to move on. That won’t make it any better for “Chaos,” who felt as interim champion, he deserved the next title fight regardless.

It’s UFC not running a tight ship that will ultimately hold it back from join the big leagues in sports, according to the welterweight contender.

“They wanna be legitimate like a f—ng sport, like NFL, like NBA, you can’t be legitimate when a team wins a championship and you don’t let them go to the championship game,” Covington said in a recent guesting on BJPenn Radio (via “I don’t give a f—k. If you’re in the NBA, you win the Eastern Conference Championship and you’re LeBron and the Cavaliers, you’re going to the motherf—ng ‘ship.

“It doesn’t matter if David Stern doesn’t like you, you’re going to go to the championship. This isn’t a sport no more, it’s a joke, it’s a circus, it’s being run by a bunch of bozos. You got Uncle Fester (Dana White) up there, up top in his power position and it’s just a complete joke,” he added. “If this is a legitimate sport when you win the conference championship, you go to the championship,” he continued. “It doesn’t matter if the promoter hates the f—ng coach or hates the manager.”

If Colby had his way, he’d be talking to Scott Coker and Co. about a potential home for him at Bellator MMA. But since he is currently tied up with UFC, that’s a big no-no.

“I wish I could talk to Bellator but I can’t do that. I’m under UFC contract, I would never breach my contract. I’m the true professional. I did everything UFC asked, always f—ng made weight, always on time at their events, flew all over the world, went to Australia, their show, sold it. Went to Singapore, went to Brazil, went to wherever they wanted me to go. I did everything, I’m an ultra-professional. And as a professional I wouldn’t breach my contract.”

Speaking of the NBA, the league recently docked Anthony Davis $50,000 for publicly requesting a trade. So if UFC were up there with NBA or NFL, Covington’s pockets would be a bit lighter at the moment.

“I’m not allowed to talk to other promoters about fights because I’m in UFC contract. So, that’s what I’m saying to the UFC, like, come on motherf—ers, you guys think you’re so tough then let’s see how tough you are. Release me man, I don’t need you guys. If you guys think you’re so tough and try to think that I’m not worth anything and you don’t need me then release me. Let’s see it man, let’s see how f—ng big your balls are.”

UFC doesn’t seem to be in good standing with some of its top fighters as of late.

If history has shown us anything is that UFC doesn’t respond to threats, as Nate Diaz has learned that the promotion won’t grant releases just for the sake of it. That is, of course, you’re this guy.