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Midnight Mania! Usman claims he’s signed a title fight contract, Woodley says he’s lying

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Kamaru Usman says he’s signed a contract to fight for the welterweight title. Dana White said he’s fighting for the welterweight title. The only problem is, welterweight champion Tyron Woodley says he’s not fighting for the welterweight title just yet.

Woodley wants to face former interim champion Colby Covington first. Covington has been running his mouth for a long time, evidently to little effect, except to earn himself a White House visit with Donald Trump. The UFC seems uninterested in promoting a fight between Covington and Woodley, giving Kamaru Usman the same opponents Colby just faced, as if to negate his best victories, and promptly stripped him of interim gold when he couldn’t make his unification bout with Woodley in September.

Dana White has also been frustrated with Woodley, implicitly threatening to take his belt away unless he defends in March, though Woodley just defeated Darren Till in September. If the UFC did strip their sitting champion, it would be unprecedented, given that many champions have gone much longer between title defenses without this kind of visible frustration from Dana and Company.

Signed contracts are not a guarantee of a fight happening. In the past, the UFC has used contenders, such as Khabib Nurmagomedov, against each other to lower fighter pay. This also isn’t the first time Usman has claimed he had a bout agreement signed to face the champion. Woodley, though, insists that Usman is flat out lying.

How will the drama shake out? Will Woodley defend his title in March, and if so, will it be against Covington, or Usman?


Anthony Smith fires another shot at Jon Jones

Former UFC fighter Kajan Johnson points out a long-standing flaw in MMA: the judges are accountable to no one for individual decisions. This is somewhat understandable, but it screws with fighters’ paychecks and careers more often than it should.

Stipe Miocic is exactly the kind of silly that fits an Ohio firefighter.

In case people need more evidence for Tenshin-Mayweather was NOT a ‘work’.

MMA trainer Din Thomas with more explanation as to why MMA fighters might not be grasping the obvious reality of Mayweather destroying Tenshin.

I hope this guy goes to jail for assault. Glad she clocked him, but he deserves worse than that.

One of the greats

I just want to say that PFL’s million-dollar tournament, though I doubt its a sustainable business model, did give some lucky athletes amazing paydays, and thats always cause for celebration. 99% of MMA fighters do not get to retire with a million dollars in the bank, but Sean O’Connell does, and Louis Taylor does.


Dominance MMA is Ali Abdelaziz’s management company. He appears to have quite restrictive contracts with his athletes.

Alexander Volkanovski is my pick to beat Max Holloway, if anyone at featherweight can beat him.

Random Land

Going into the new year, getting it right

He really tried to iron his clothes while still wearing them

I had a high school teammate named Czarnecki and man, you could hear the announcer pause before trying that one. That was nothing compared to this.

Visit this website if you want your mind blown by insanely powerful cameras pointed at cityscapes.

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