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Joe Rogan rips UFC for Greg Hardy ‘joke,’ wants ‘terrible’ heavyweight fed to Francis Ngannou

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) color commentator, Joe Rogan, is probably relieved that he’s no longer calling “Fight Night” events, because his pay-per-view (PPV)-only policy prevents him from participating in “terrible” fights.

Like the “joke” that was Greg Hardy vs. Allen Crowder.

Hardy made his UFC debut at the promotion’s first ESPN+ card earlier this month and after some back-and-forth ugliness, found himself disqualified for throwing an illegal knee. It was a fitting end to what was a bad idea from day one (because of this).

“How’d that work out? Terrible. It was a joke,” Rogan said (via “I knew that [Hardy] was fading quick. I was like, ‘He’s fading. I don’t like the way he’s stepping, he looks exhausted, he tired out quick,’ Then he hit that guy with the illegal knee. What do you do with him? Francis Ngannou!”

The idea is that Ngannou, who recently set a record for punching power at the UFC Performance Institute, would decapitate Hardy in a heavyweight slugfest and force the “angel” to fly the ex-NFL star back to the regional scene.

Right alongside this “amateur” washout.

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