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Jon Jones draws ‘Immortal’ scorn for latest UFC drug test: ‘It’s just f—king terrible, man’

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, has kept quiet in the wake of his latest drug test, which returned positive for trace amounts of Turinabol (yet again), and we haven’t heard much from the promotion, either.

The same can’t be said for the rest of the roster.

Going the ever-growing list of combatants fed up with the “gray area” afforded to “Bones” is longtime welterweight veteran Matt Brown, who told MMA Fighting that UFC needs to pick a stance on picograms and commit to it.

“It’s just fucking terrible, man. I can’t understand why – if they’re gonna let him do it, let him do it, right? Why not let us all do steroids, whatever,” Brown said. “People are just gonna do it. Otherwise, ban these sons of bitches, you know? Either you can do it or you can’t. Why are we in this gray area? It’s garbage.”

Jones has been flagged for banned substances before and after his UFC 232 win over Alexander Gustafsson. The supposed experts claim that “Bones” is pulsing for the same substance that he served a suspension for back in 2017 and has not been ingesting anything new.

Brown remains pessimistic.

“I think it was just a poor decision at that point,” he said. “They’ve been (in existence) for almost 30 years now, the UFC. You’re gonna make some bad decisions, and I think that was a bad decision. It just takes away from it and it really makes me sad because I want to see our sport grow with integrity and organically, but that’s what it is. They’ve got to make some money so who am I to say anything?”

Jones is expected to return to action at UFC 235 in March.

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