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WWE superstar Daniel Bryan sends warning to Henry Cejudo, UFC champion fires back

Reigning WWE champion Daniel Bryan is not taking kindly to UFC flyweight champion Henry Cejudo taking a shot at his sister-in-law and WWE diva Nikki Bella.

In case you missed it, Cejudo, who is fresh off a 32-second TKO finish over T.J. Dillashaw at UFC on ESPN+ 1 earlier this month, has been heavily flirting with Bella. Cejudo may have initiated the crossover romance, but Bella, who was previously engaged to WWE superstar John Cena, was quick to show interest.

Well, Bryan, who is married to Nikki’s sister Brie, doesn’t seem to thrilled about Cejudo’s advancements. Bryan recently spoke with ABC Sports to help promote this weekend’s WWE Royal Rumble event in Phoenix, Arizona, and ended up offering the following warning to the UFC’s flyweight king:

“There [are] a lot of people who want to think that they’re the best – lots of them, but guess what? Not a single one of those people are Daniel Bryan,” said the WWE champion. “There [are] a lot of people that go around and they hold championship titles and they think they’re so tough, and they think that they’re this, and they think that they’re that. None of them are Daniel Bryan.”

“Henry Cejudo, a Valley resident, who just defended his UFC championship last Saturday, wants to go out on a date with my sister-in-law,” continued Bryan. “Guess what? Henry Cejudo, you’re not the man that Daniel Bryan is. You fight Daniel Bryan, you go down every time. That’s why I’m the best.”

As expected, Cejudo wasted little time firing back at “The New” and telling Bryan to keep his WWE title warm:

@WWEDanielBryan there’s enough room in The Valley for a King and a Prince,” wrote Cejudo via Twitter. “As Prince, you should know your role & make sure you pour my Bella Radici wine to the rim. PS. Don’t get too attached to that @WWE belt, I am on a bit of a roll myself.”

This rivalry seems to be heating up pretty quickly, which is understandable considering Bryan is already immersed in the Bella Twin life and Cejudo is just a UFC champ on the outside trying to find his way in.

Maybe UFC president Dana White would lend Cejudo’s services to WWE so the score with Bryan can be settled inside of the ring. At the very least, it will help promote Cejudo’s title reign over a dying division.

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