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Paulo Costa is now fighting Yoel Romero ... and here come the steroid jokes

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) recently booked muscle-bound middleweights Paulo Costa and Yoel Romero for a UFC Miami showdown, expected to take place this April in “The Sunshine State.”

Full details here.

Not surprisingly, the steroid jokes are starting to accumulate on Twitter, thanks to persistent rumors that both “The Eraser” and “Soldier of God” are drinking from the fountain of swole, though Costa has never failed a UFC drug test.

Sorry, surf boi.

The suddenly-smaller Romero was not as fortunate, though his positive result was eventually traced back to a tainted supplement. Not surprisingly, not everyone was buying his excuse and former rival, Michael Bisping, took it one step further.

“The Count” is good like that.

UFC fighters are under the microscope in the wake of increased testing, courtesy of United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). In addition, high-profile cases like this one are putting the spotlight back on performance-enhancing drugs.

Anyone think we get through UFC Miami with no failed drug tests?

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