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Video: Here’s Ronda Rousey taking an ice bath with Kevin Hart, for some reason

This sounds like a gimmick WWE would cook up.

So uh ... in my advancing age I’ll admit I’m not as hip as I used to pretend to be, so I’ve never heard of “Cold as Balls,” which is billed as “the most awkward interview in sports.”

Pffft ... you should have seen that time I interviewed Rampage Jackson.

Anyway, “Cold as Balls” features comedian Kevin Hart sitting in a trash can full of ice alongside whatever celebrity he can talk into joining him, as they discuss all sorts of things and make cheap jokes about cryogenic genitalia.

It’s about as funny as it sounds.

Joining Hart for this episode is former UFC women’s bantamweight champion, Ronda Rousey, who is now headlining WWE events and living her life inside the ring. “Rowdy” talks about her husband, her time in judo, and her offer to become a Coast Guard rescue swimmer.

For more on Rousey’s new career as a pro wrestler click here.

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