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Midnight Mania! Khabib admits it was a ‘very good feeling’ finally punching trash-talking McGregor

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Khabib says that after he brawled with McGregor’s corner in the immediate aftermath of his UFC 229 victory, his father tried to ‘smash’ him. He talked his way out on a technicality. Via

“I lost control a little bit,” he said. “We talk with father before the fight, (and he said) ‘We have to be relaxed, don’t listen to him. Just do your thing.’ And when my father tried to smash me (after the brawl), I told him, ‘Hey, we didn’t talk about after the fight. We only talked about before the fight, so what are we gonna do?’

“But it is what is, it’s what’s happened.”

He also admitted what everyone could tell, looking at the fight: that he enjoyed punching the loud-mouthed Irishman in the face. He confirmed that McGregor tried to calm him down with “this is just business” (despite McGregor’s recent quasi-denial) between rounds, but he wasn’t having it.

“I enjoyed this, when I punched his face. This is a very good feeling, believe me, when someone talks sh-t all the time,” Khabib said, to the audience’s laughter and cheers.

“Every time I punched his face, I enjoyed. I asked him, ‘Hey, let’s talk.’ But at the end of the second or third round, he said ‘This is just business.’ He tried to make me relax.”

“This is not sparring session. We’re gonna keep going, you know,” he continued. “Maybe he don’t understand my English, I think.

I think McGregor understood just fine.


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