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Video: This insane, jumping-kick knockout is why you should watch more Muay Thai

One thing about Zhang Jinhu’s kick of death against Singnoi Sor.Thanakorn, there is absolutely no question that he was finished, so you don’t have a situation like we did when TJ Dillashaw protested his stoppage against Henry Cejudo at UFC on ESPN+ 1 last weekend in Brooklyn.

And Jinhu wasn’t the only combatant with a scorching knockout.

Complete results for the Muay Thai Super Champ promotion at Muay Thai Street Stadium on Jan. 20 are as follows:

1. Phakin Tor.LaNgu vs Liu Moudun ended in a draw (62kg)
2. Noelisson Silva def. Komin Moopingaroijoongbuey (57kg)
3. Zhang Jinhu def. Singnoi Sor.Thanakorn by KO (62kg)
4. Thong AyothayaFightGym vs Alexey Balyko ended in a draw (63kg)
5. Ignasi Larios Alvez def. YodbuaNgam Lookbanyai by KO (68kg)
6. lost to Georges Remy Salomon def. Kamlaiphet AyothayaFightGym (71kg)
7. (Main event) Nattakiat Pran26 vs Victor Almeida ended in a draw (71kg)

For the most up-to-date results and photos for Muay Thai (in English) from Lumpinee, Rajadamnern, and Channel 7 stadium, head over to the Muay Thai Results Instagram page by clicking here.

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