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Conor McGregor won’t die for UFC because he’s not a ‘bad motherf—ker’ like Al Iaquinta

“I’m willing to die ... I’m serious Georges, I’m gonna go to the death.”

How do you know a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter is serious about their combat sports career? They are willing to die inside the Octagon. True, most of the combatants who say that end up losing, but at least Quinton Jackson was real enough to admit otherwise.

The latest fighter preparing to perish inside the cage is Al Iaquinta, a revelation that is sure to disappoint the Long Island Association of Realtors (they love those annual dues). But that’s what sets him apart from a wealthy fighter like Conor McGregor.

“You will see that switch in his face when he realizes he is in there with a bad motherfucker and somebody that he is going to have to kill to get out of there,” Iaquinta told reporters (transcribed by “I don’t think Conor is willing to die, he’s got a lot of money and a lot of other things going on.”

“I look up to him for what he’s done but I’ve got something he doesn’t have, and no money can buy that,” he continued. “I hope I get that fight (with McGregor), because I know what I can do against an opponent like that. I think it would be very similar to the Kevin Lee fight in a lot of ways.”

Iaquinta (14-4-1) has quietly put together a 6-1 run in the lightweight division with four knockout finishes. In addition, “Ragin’ Al” accepted a short-notice fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov in early 2018 and took “The Eagle” to a decision, something McGregor was unable to do at UFC 229 back in October.

No question Iaquinta vs. McGregor is a fun fight, but I think the promotion has other ideas.

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